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Once those corrections are made, then it will be available. Free online blackjack with extra special payouts on player hands of 5 or 6 cards. Find all posts by ShootingArts. As a table option, multi-point games or matches can be set up. If no balls are pocketed on the break, the turn switches to the next player. For example, the cross target can be moved from the center default to the side of the cue control such that the cue would strike the cue ball with a spin.


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In a nutshell, I found it was well worth the money. Originally Posted by Pushout. Find all posts by selftaut. Originally Posted by selftaut. Those that have read the book might like to follow the link to lulu and write a review. They don't have any yet and a review or two always helps sales. Ken - the book has ALWAYS been spiral bound so that it can easily be placed on the table - I do sell a hard cover edition of the book as well as the e-book download, but I recommend the spiral bound for the reasons that you mentioned.

Straight Pool Book Kevin - I am working on the final edits for the It is taking a while to complete that because for a long time it was just this mountain of unorganized information. At times, the work that involved in putting a book together can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I have 14 projects going on at once, so it gets pushed aside, but I do try to complete a little bit each day. Once this edit is completed and the final product is put together, I am going to have a few of the best in the world look at it and make any corrections or additions to the diagrams and the text.

Once those corrections are made, then it will be available. We are not competitors, we are like a family. We trade ideas and insights into different areas of the game, look to each other for guidance, and above all else, we support each other. If we did not do that, there wouldn't be half of the information that you have available today.

Support these instructors, they are all very dedicated to Randy Goettlicher - http: Dave Alciatore - http: Find all posts by Blackjack. Originally Posted by jackson. Originally Posted by Blackjack. Thank you David for all of your contributions, especially to this forum! Could we get a little, small sampling of something from your book posted in this thread, you know, to kind of like, whet the appetite of those whom might be in the market for a good instructional book on 9 ball?

Nothing in particular but perhaps something that you discovered late in your pool career or anything or your choice for that matter. It doesn't have to be lengthy either. I am currently working on 2 other books - The Wei has done a great job with this too, and I was half way done with the diagrams using the older version, but this CueTable is definitely the best.

This is my first time using the CueTable for my books, and I must say that it takes a lot of the guesswork out. Here is a preview of the book cover. The book should be done soon soon ranges anywhere between 1 and 45 days.

I am in the process of moving, and I've had some other curve balls thrown at me recently. Just know that I am working very hard to get it done.

The other book I am putting together is on the mental game, and it is entitled "With Each Shot a Victory" - this book contains virtually everything that I have ever written about the mental game, sports psychology and life. Right now I am editing it down which is a big undertaking. I will let everybody know when these books are ready. Once again thanks for the support. Find all posts by Blackjack. Lessons in 9 ball is a great book! I got to preview the pdf, and will be buying the book as well to support Dave.

There is a lot of good stuff about the mental game in it. Contact Us - AzBilliards. Mark Forums Read Blogs. Find all posts by Tristan. Find all posts by Vahmurka. Find all posts by Irish Originally Posted by Tristan Review: Find all posts by SoundWaves. Find all posts by metallicane. In a trailer, with a banjo by my side.