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The importance of reform implementation comeback, Rama-Doules: How much gold or other starting funds will the characters begin with? A short young man with the appearance of a boy. Your ally takes a -1 morale penalty on his attack rolls for 1 hour per your character level. Sneak Attacks versus Evil aligned creatures always deal maximum damage Special: These Skills are only available to those trained by The Whispering Witch:

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While dancing, the bard and all allies within 60ft receive a Profane Bonus as if from Inspire Courage to attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks and Armor Class. The maximum hit points of allies effected increase by the bonus granted by Inspire Courage. If the ally is at full hit points when they are granted this health increase, their current hit points increase to the new maximum as well. Existing hit point damage is not healed by this effect, the maximum value which can be held is simply increased while under this effect.

Additionally, hostile creatures within range suffer the effects of this song as penalties applied to their attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks, and AC while suffering a decrease to their maximum hit points. This performance persists for one additional round per round active. The bard may choose to select himself as the sole beneficiary of this ability. If done, the bonus applied by Dance of Mourning and Light is doubled. This effect may be applied multiple times with a cumulative effect.

The doubled bonus granted by Inspire Courage is also applied as a penalty to all allies within 90ft and all enemies within 30ft. Upon the first failure, the ally becomes Nauseated for the duration of the performance, regardless if they remain in the effected area. Upon the second failure, the ally is staggered for 1d4 rounds. Upon the third failure, the ally falls into a catatonic state as they are afflicted with 'The Curse of Mourning and Light'.

The effected ally's maximum hit points is reduced to -1 until the curse has been lifted. Failures need not be consecutive, only during the same performance. Allies need not hear or see this performance to be effected by its negative effects, as they are haunted by malicious spirits.

This curse and subsequent saves does not effect enemies, and can differentiate between valued friends, allies and friendly creatures. This performance persists for 1 minute per round active. Afflicting an ally with The Curse of Mourning and Light is an evil act which may corrupt the performer as the wicked spirits trapped within the verse's steal the life essence of their loved ones Few know what effects this may have upon the performer.

You may now perform actions normally while in a state of rage. Mind-Effecting spells you cast increase their DC by 1. You may also cast a spell while making a Perform Sing Check, creatures observing you must make an opposed perception, sense motive or Knowledge Arcana check to identify a spell is being cast.

Additionally you may roll twice and take the better result when rolling to stabilize your spells. Choose one school of magic, the DC for spells of this school increase by 2. Select a school of magic. You may expend rounds of your Bardic Performance equal to the level of spell you cast to roll twice and take the better result when attempting to stabilize spells you cast of this school, or you may choose to force a target to roll twice and take the less favorable result for Saves against spells of this school.

Potent Magic, Ability to cast Orisons Benefit: Having refined the most basic of magic, you have turned spellweaving into an art. Perfect Orisons cannot be learned without this feat, nor can the subsequent Perfect Spell feats. You may select 1 Perfect Orison from the the following list. This feat may be taken multiple times to select an additional 1 Orison from the listed spell list: Changes the taste of one meal to a taste that is pleasant for the creature consuming it.

Tools automatically perform simple tasks. Causes flowering plant to blossom. Allows two subjects to speak without being overheard. Subject is completely cured of alcohol effects. Unworn clothing becomes armor. Inflicts damage to a single object, undead or construct creature. Object casts deep shadows in 20 ft. Helps decipher a coded message or cipher. Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect.

Removes the tuning from a nearby instrument. Dims light sources within feet of object touched. One creature is shaken and must make a Acrobatics check or fall prone.

Encode a message to protect it from view. Increase chance of target stabilizing at negative hit points. A ship, cart, or wagon moves as you command Pause: Immediate Layer of Ice: Does 1 cold damage to a target but absorbs up to 5 fire damage before melting away. Starts a fire quickly.

Negate penalties caused by light. Target takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage, and becomes sickened for 1 round. You create a minor mishap. Hides a small object in plain sight.

Shines a beam of light from your finger. Putrefy Food and Drink: Spoils and poisons food and drink. Creates a writing quill with limitless ink.

Target cannot sleep for 24 hours. Causes target coin to always land on face you choose. Returns a book to its shelf in the proper place.

Creates a loud sound. Disembodied hand slaps target for 1 point of damage. Caster creates any shape out of existing smoke. Subject is cured of fatigue Spook Animal: Target animal is panicked. Creates a single sound after a preset amount of time. Creates tiny and immobile image. Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d3 points of sonic damage. Cleans and straightens you and your clothing. Perfect Spells I Prerequisite: Perfect Spells cannot be learned without this feat, nor can the subsequent Perfect Spell feats be learned with out this one.

You may select 1 Perfect Spell from the the following list. This feat may be taken multiple times to select an additional 1 Spell from the listed spell list. Spells gained via this feat do not provide additional spells lots, only expand the number of spells you know: Caster loses all memory of events just prior to casting the spell. Changes the color of a creature or object. Target must lie and be generally disagreeable and difficult.

Target experiences clumsiness and bad luck Swift. Enhances shadows so they grant minor concealment bonus. Reveals the exact monetary value of a single item. Improves grapple and Escape Artist checks Immediate. Chaos defends you against random types of attacks. Caster becomes physically attractive.

One evil target is denied an action. Creates permanent, tiny, immobile image. Creates a small opening through a wooden, plaster, or stone wall. Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d6 points of sonic damage Move. Target stunned for 1 round Move. Target cannot speak intelligibly. V, F unworn clothing Range: Reflex negates harmless ; Spell Spell Resistance: No With a word, you cause bedding, draperies, unworn loose clothing, or tapestries to gird you, forming an improvised suit of armor equivalent to padded armor.

When you remove the armor, it collapses back into its constituent parts. Will negates; Spell Resistance: Belts or suspenders offer no protection to the target, but armor that fully encompasses the legs, such as full plate, prevents the negative effects of this spell. After having his pants fall, the target can refasten his pants as a move action. If the subject does not pull up his pants, movement is reduced by half, and if he attempts to move more than five feet in a single round, he must make a Reflex save same DC as the spell or fall prone.

You've been trained by the most feared assassin on the planet, you take pride in that fact. While you might not be as quick, stealthy or cunning you have your own way of getting things done. Murder is your occupations and you're not to bad at what you do, but customers pay a premium for the name associated with you.

Numerous jobs have led to you gathering a considerable fortune. You begin play with an additional gp. As a member of the most mysterious organization of killers thought to exist you, you've been thoroughly trained.

The Blades are thought to be more of a myth then a legitimate guild of shadowy warriors. Additionally you begin play with the tools of your trade: You just wanted to sound tough The name of the Pale Blades strikes fear and respect in men's feeble hearts, and as a deadbeat-no-good-rogue that was something you needed. Without thinking about it, you made brash claims, youtook leisurely jobs, you bragged to a bar wench or two, you stabbed a few men in the back who would rat you out.

Life was good, until you got grabbed on the street and woke up in some dank hole surrounded by real Pale Blades Positive you were going to end up fishfood, you put on a tough front, yet to your surprise, even the guild believed your lie.

Thinking you a rogue member they captured you, leaving you in confinement until you could convince them of your good intentions. Proving your mettle with a job and displaying your clumsy, but deadly technique you earned a place in their ranks and now stumble along praying not to encounter anyone that knows who you really are. You are unable to take any of the trained feats listed below however you may attempt to Coup De Grace a non-helpless target with a light weapon after spending three consecutive rounds adjacent while in stealth.

The target cannot be aware of your presence and must be caught Flat Footed to perform this action. Such abilities such as Scent, blindsense, tremorsense, or lifesense, negate this ability unless you acquire means to become undetectable to these abilities. You've held connections with the assassin guild for quite some time. Organizations such as these require individuals like you to discretely acquire services and resources to keep the guild's hands out of business which does not concern them.

You've performed a number of duties for the guild and helped members out of a variety of close calls, from hideouts to medical care.

Having made a number of friends within the group you've learned a thing or two from the killers and established yourself as a reliable individual best to have around. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Within the guild lay a great deal of suspicion and angst, not in trying to root out potential rogues or spies which may have infiltrated the organization - but for fear of Wolves.

The title is not earned easily, and is given only to those most sinister of killers trained directly by the hand of The Pale Bride. They hold no loyalty to the guild or its members answering only to their leader. They slither and creep into every aspect of society and the rusted interior of its inner workings, smiling, making friends and establishing themselves with a stolen identity until the order to strike is given.

By the will of their Living Goddess, Wolves stalk about throughout the world as anyone and everyone, adhering to the secret and grotesque occult rituals to their mortal deity.

The dark rituals and practices of a Wolf's Devotion and profession have tainted his spirit. A Wolf's alignment drops to Evil. Bride of The End Su: Wolves worship and venerate The Pale Bride, commands given by her are absolute - Commands are magically compelled with no save permitted.

Wolves receive Diehard as a bonus feat. Additionally, the Wolf must give his Devotion once a day by wearing the flesh of a victim's face as a mask while in silent uninterrupted prayer for 1 hour, this victim must be a valid target ordained by your goddess to die. Wolves typically start with an old hand-stitched skin-mask of tanned leather cut from their first victim. Individuals who witness this secret ritual must die, or pay penance to the goddess by cutting out their tongue or gorging out their eyes victim's choice.

The victim must be willing to pay penance, or die. As long as a Wolf holds favor from the goddess and gives his Devotion each day he may cast Disguise Self at will. Should he ever fail to give his Devotion or if he falls out of favor, he looses all abilities of being a Wolf until he has redeemed himself. Additional favor may grant additional functions. Wolves are careful to measure when to use and discard their friends, after all, friends are a precious resource to be expended in times of need.

As an agent of deception Wolves are skilled in gathering as many friends as they can to use them when the situation begins to become unfavorable. Additionally, he may use Betrayal Feats on an ally or friendly target even if they do not possess this Teamwork Feat.

Wolves receive Ally Shield as a bonus feat. Wolves stalk prey at the command of their goddess, but even when not called, they hunt mortals. Wolves never kill prey outright. They stalk and then subdue their chosen victims in a sacred dance of cat and mouse which holds strong religious significance, earning favor with their macabre goddess.

If the name is false, they know immediately. Thus, Wolves must come into the graces of their victim courting them in a game of death. Upon offering the victims true name to the goddess the Wolf receives a blessing acknowledging their hunt, or scorn as their hunt is rejected - effecting their current favor with the goddess.

Upon receiving a blessing the Wolf ventures out to subdue his victim, via magic, drugs, beating them unconscious, or any other means he has to capture his victim without killing them. Most Wolves choose to restrain their prey as they must be awake and helpless to complete the hunt. Once the victim is awake and helpless they may use their Sacrificial Dagger to perform a special Coup De Grace attempt. If the victim fails this Fortitude Save, they are not slain and instead the Wolf carefully carves the flesh of the victim's face off like a mask.

Upon doing so they violently begin to eat this mask of skin adding the victim to their list of Flesh Mask's. The victim may be sacrificed for additional favor after the hunt is complete, but no further action is required.

A new dagger cannot be created, only received directly from the hand of The Pale Bride. After a Wolf completes a hunt and consumes their prey's features they gain a magical affinity with the creature's identity learning of them and gains rough fragments of their memory. If the Wolf has chosen to retain this identity he gains the ability to transform into his victim's likeness. If he uses Consume Likeness on a new creature he may choose to replace a Flesh Mask he currently owns with a new one if he has no slots available.

Using a Flesh Mask transforms the Wolf into his victim's likeness as the Polymorph spell - A man becomes a child, a child becomes a gnoll. Only creatures one size above or below your original size can be taken as Flesh Masks. This effect does not alter your ability scores or statistics in any way as this disguise leaves all internal functions you possess the same.

The duration lasts indefinitely until dismissed and cannot be dispelled, however this effect immediately ends upon exposure to an EMP Field or similar disruptive technology. Activating a Flesh Mask is a Standard Action. You've traveled long and far researching the various potentials of Sky Metal and the history left carved into the world from those who crossed the sea of stars.

You've dedicated yourself to researching the lost technology and uncovering the truth that lay out in The Great Beyond. Your inquisitive mind caught the attention of a strange young woman who taught you many things, though you did not learn her name even as the years passed. Such a philosophy lends itself to the peculiar martial training that they endure. Similar in many ways to the monastic training of the monk, the quick entry and extraction tactics of the assassin, and the manipulation of shadows favored by the shadowdancer, an edgewalker's training toes the line between all of these and none of these at once.

At 1st level, an edgewalker has received sufficient training to be able to tap into the power inherent in the philosophy of the duality of the universe. Both of these pools have a minimum size of 1. The character gains both a Radiance and Shadow Pool, which increases as normal as the character levels. However, they will not gain Waypoints without levels in Edgewalker - they will however gain access to the Extra Waypoint Feat, and may learn Waypoints in this manner. The character's HD is counted as their Edgewalker level for the purpose of determining which Waypoints they may gain access to.

If you already possess class ability you gain the Radiance and Shadow as additional points and may select an additional Waypoint Meetings and Departure Ex Benefit: The character gains a bonus feat at Level 1, 3, 4, 6. These feats must be one of the special feats listed below.

The penalty from Two Weapon Fighting with light weapons is reduced by 2 Special: Gains Access to the following feats: Knife Focus You've managed to survive in the darker places of the city with your developed understanding of small bladed weapons.

Dex 13, Slight of Hand Rank 1 Benefit: This damage is negated if the target cannot be the target of precision-based abilities such as Sneak Attack Studied Blade Living in the bowels of the city, you've studied how the less reputable peoples fight with weapons - and perhaps were even taught by them. Applying the life lessons you've gathered, you are deadly with a blade. This damage is negated if the target cannot be the target of precision-based abilities such as Sneak Attack Special: As a Move Action you make an opposed Slight of Hand check versus targets observing you.

Upon success on all opposed checks, you conceal a light weapon upon your body while upon failure, you become aware you've been discovered and the attempt is negated. You may only conceal one weapon in this way at a time. When a weapon is concealed in this fashion, you may choose to make a Sneak Attack with this weapon, even while being observed. Upon making a Sneak Attack, regardless of success, the weapon is no longer concealed. You may only conceal one weapon per HD you possess at any time.

You may make Sneak Attacks with weapons concealed in this fashion even while being observed, additionally as an Immediate Action you may make a Sneak Attack with a weapon you have concealed with Knife Mastery.

Targets immune to precision based damage loose this immunity while performing a Sneak Attack. Immunity to precision damage is negated, and precision damage bypasses DR Special: Attacks which deal precision based damage alway confirm critical hits. Critical Threat Range while wielding light weapons increases by 2 Special: You suffer no attack or damage penalty while Two Weapon Fighting with light weapons, additionally both weapons apply damage as if they were wielded in two hands.

You may make Sneak Attacks against a target as if they were Flat-Footed even if they are not. Child of Dusk Prerequisite: Child of Crossroads Benefit: Your Sneak Attack Damage increases by 1d6 Special: You may choose to deal the average of your Sneak Attack damage instead of rolling this damage. Child of Evening Prerequisite: Sneak Attacks versus Evil aligned creatures always deal maximum damage Special: You may make an additional Sneak Attack at a Penalty.

Additionally you may move up to your total movement speed while performing a Full Round Attack. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. Your critical Multiplier while making a Sneak Attack increases by 1 Special: When performing Sneak Attacks, you may total the damage and distribute any amount of it to targets within 60ft. Pale Haunt Departure Prerequisite: For effects you control, creatures that are not of identical alignment to you are considered Evil.

You've dedicated your life to the church and the faith. You drink from the cup of righteousness and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Your faith has been ironed over years of training and prayer and your spirit has been strengthened to bare the sorrows of the less fortunate. You may cast this spell a number of times per day equal to your Charisma Modifier Minimum 1. Though you've spend many years under the teachings of the church, even under the tutelage of Father Sipel - yet you could never buy into the scripture and prayer of dusty old men.

You gathered as many lessons of swordplay as you could and abandoned the church at the first moment you could.

Unfortunately, that moment was during an expedition into the World Wound. You later learned the men you left behind died, and with them your name and face held a degree of notoriety.

With no end to the enemies you created, you traveled attempting to put distance between yourself and the faithful. You begin play with three additional feats, however characters familiar with you begin with a starting attitude of unfriendly or hostile and you suffer a Penalty on Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate Checks made against a character that knows your tale.

Dedicated to the betterment of the land and the people through the power of faith in the goodly gods. You completed the various training of arms and sworn to defeat evil where you may find it. By spending at least an hour of prayer each day, you gain Fast Healing 1 and may cast Detect Evil at will. Should you ever fail to perform your daily prayer, you loose these benefits and must spend 8 hours in prayer to regain these effects. You have always been stronger, faster and more courageous then those around you.

It was destined that you would distinguish yourself in such a way to earn the respect of your peers. You have been knighted by the church as a holy warrior to spread compassion and patience throughout the land. The vow you've taken has blessed upon you miraculous power, but a rigid code of conduct: Additionally, you may wield weapons one size category higher then you as if they were the proper size. Spells affected by this trait include most Abjuration, Enchantment, and Illusion spells though not phantasmal killer, for example , those few Divination spells that have targets and require saving throws including detect thoughts and discern lies , and even Necromancy spells such as waves of fatigue and ray of exhaustion.

It does not affect most Evocation, Conjuration, and Transmutation spells. It affects only saving throw DCs, not caster level checks or other elements of a spell. The benefit of this trait extends to special abilities other than spells that allow a saving throw, but only if the ability does not deal damage and is not dependent on dealing damage. A couatl's venom would not become more virulent because of this trait, however, because it deals ability damage and requires the couatl to deal hit point damage in order to deliver it.

To fulfill your vow, you must not cause harm or suffering to humanoid or monstrous humanoid foes. You may not deal real damage or ability damage to such foes through spells or weapons, though you may deal nonlethal damage. You may not target them with death effects, disintegrate, pain effects, or other spells that have the immediate potential to cause death, suffering, or great harm. Your purity is so great that any ally of yours who slays a helpless or defenseless foe within feet of you feels great remorse.

Your ally takes a -1 morale penalty on his attack rolls for 1 hour per your character level. For each helpless foe slain, the attack penalty increases by 1, to a maximum equal to your character level. The duration of the increased penalty starts from the latest slaying. You may ask your allies to give you an oath that a helpless foe will not be slain. If the oath is sworn, an ally who later breaks the oath takes the penalty for doing so as if you were present.

If you leave a helpless foe to be killed by your allies, you have broken your vow. You may ask a defeated creature to give you an oath of surrender or noninterference in exchange for its life. If the creature breaks this oath to you, you can allow your allies to deal with the creature as they see fit without breaking their oaths or your vow of nonviolence.

If you intentionally break your vow, you immediately and irrevocably lose the benefit of this trait. You may not take another feat or trait to replace it. If you break your vow as a result of magical compulsion, you lose the benefit of this trait until you perform a suitable penance and receive an atonement spell. Child of the Faith: Raised by the church, you've learned how to tend to other and mend wounds.

You've developed an uncanny gift for medicine and the healing arts. Use your HD when determining your Paladin level for this ability. You've traveled far and learned the lessons of the church.

Though you are not a priest, or pious believer, you have a responsibility to yourself and others to stand against the cruelty and injustices of the world around you. You gain a bonus feat at levels 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20 Bonus Feats: You have been rigorously trained by the War Priests of his order in this weapon's use and thus far more proficient with this sword then most other weapons.

Training - Father Sipel Benefit: Martial Weapon Proficiency Benefit: The penalty incurred by performing combat-maneuvers is reduced by 2 Greater Martial Weapon Proficiency Prerequisite: Improved Martial Weapon Proficiency Benefit: Weapon Focus may be taken multiple times, the effects are now cumulative if the same weapon is selected multiple times.

Martial Weapon Training Prerequisite: Damage with Martial Weapons increases by 1 Special: This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 HD you possess beyond the first. Martial Weapon Focus Prerequisite: Martial Weapon Training Benefit: Bullrush, Dirty Trick, Trip, sunder.

You may attempt this combat Maneuver once while making a full round attack without provoking. All attacks made suffer a -4 penalty while doing so. Any martial weapon wielded in two hands bow, spear, greatsword, etc applies 2x your strength modifier as additional damage, instead of the normal 1.

If you receive this bonus from another source that is effecting a martial weapon of a two handed category. The bonus applied to that effected weapon from this other source increases to 3. Damage with one handed martial weapons increases by 2. Additionally you may take a free 5ft Step after performing an attack with such a weapon. This may be done a number of times per round equal to your Dexterity Modifier. Martial Weapon Specialization Benefit: Make an opposed Strength Check with the target, upon success they are thrown back 5ft.

Upon success, the target is left Flat Footed for a round. When an opponent exits your threatened space while wielding a martial two-handed melee weapon you may take a free 5ft Step in the target's direction. If this would place the target back within your threat range you may perform an attack as an Immediate Action. This may only be done once per round. While only wielding a martial weapon in one hand and the other is unoccupied you gain the benefits of Improved Unarmed Strike and may make Unarmed attacks as if you were Two Weapon Fighting.

Unarmed attacks performed in this way may sicken your target. Cumulative Fortitude Save failures extend the duration of this effect. Your Unarmed Attack now counts as a one-handed martial weapon, and receives any bonus a martial weapon would be entitled. Two Weapon Focus Prerequisite: While two weapon fighting with martial weapons your weapons deal an additional 2 points of damage.

Additionally, as a full round attack you may sacrifice any number attacks after the first to increase your critical threat range by 1 for the first hit during this full round attack. Upon success, the target is caught Flat-Footed against this attack. This feat may be taken multiple times granting an additional 3 uses a day Aerial Cleave Prerequisite: When you successfully perform an attack against a Flat Footed enemy, you may make an additional attack against an adjacent enemy as if using Cleave.

Improved Martial Weapon Training Prerequisite: Select one type of martial weapon, this weapon type deals an additional 4 points of damage and ignores an additional 2 points of Hardness Special: You may strike with an unusual part of the in melee combat as part of a Full Round Attack. This unusual attack need not be made with a melee weapon.

Martial Weapon Mastery - Parry Prerequisite: When you are the target of a melee attack while wielding a martial melee weapon, you may make an opposed attack roll. Upon exceeding the opposed attack roll the attack is negated. Martial Weapon Mastery - Parry Benefit: The number of times you may parry per day increases by 3.

This bonus increases by 1 for every 2 HD you possess beyond the first. Additionally, any martial two-handed weapon - including ranged weapons, gain the ability to perform a parry at the cost of expending ammunition to perform this opposed roll.

If the weapon is not loaded, or has exhausted expendable ammunition, the parry may not be performed. You may now Parry stones and arrows - but not bolts. You may now Parry bolts and bullets from conventional firearms Second Waking Prerequisite: You may now attempt to parry any ranged or melee attack - Such examples include attacks from siege weapons, ordnance weapons, technological weapons, energy weapons, orbital strikes, and bolt guns, as long as the attack requires an attack roll.

Additionally you may now Parry spells which require an attack roll as long as you are using a martial weapon with an enchantment or enchanted ammunition. The creatures which hunt for the shattered fragments of your Prime Soul, steal small grains of its essence from you each time you are tainted or are harmed by their quasi-physical attacks.

This value represents how much harm you can endure until a piece of your Prime Soul is lost and your Memory is reduced by 1. To determine your Mind Score, take half of your Wisdom and Constitution rounded down and add the values together.

When you receive Mind Damage equal to this score, your Memory is reduced by 1 and the current Mind Damage held is reduced by your Mind Score leaving only excess damage remaining. This diminishing essence is so fleeting and insubstantial, even its loss is only felt as an 'absence' of something important.

Unlike a character's Mind value, this pool is assigned to a player and retains its worth across all characters. The total value of this pool decreases and increases as new Aspects are gained or lost, such as from death or other situations. If at any point this score reaches 0, your ability to retain a Prime Soul is lost and you may not continue playing after the Prologue. Apprentice of The Veil: Long have you allied yourself with The Whispering Witch seeking the truths which lurk beneath this world.

Dedicating yourself to the strange and foreign magics which form the cornerstone of your cult. The Whispering Way holds no importance to you, much like the others which have chosen to follow The Whispering Witch, the cult is divided in two, populated by an 'underground' movement dedicated to The Dominion of Black and The Great Truth.

This effect only activates successfully once per day. You are a loyal member of The Whispering Way, while you owe no particular loyalty to The Whispering Witch or her heretical teachings it is impossible to deny both the results and her power. If there was ever a leader who could restore Tar Baphon to the world, it was her. This didn't change the fact that the witch preached nothing short of blasphemy publicly and uncontested. Like many others, you could not understand the source of her strange powers and thus relied on magical tools.

You cannot take any of the feats listed below, and you loose access to Knowledge Abstract , Knowledge Primal , and Spell Focus skills. Additionally, you may select one magic item worth gp to start. It didn't mater who it was, a king, a tyrant, a general or lord. You followed power and The Whispering Witch was the most frightfully powerful entity you'd ever known. The tales surrounding her were deliciously true - she'd blackened the sky, tainted the soil and cursed this world with but a string of words.

It was the kind of power you wanted, but even beyond this She taught you of what lay beyond, powers which fold, bend and bind the multiverse into existence, sewing together all you knew with the ease of some omniscient seamstress. There had to be a way, a way to stand upon the same throne of power. You were sure the secret lay somewhere within the teachings of The Whispering Witch's magic. You begin play with an additional Spell Slot for each level.

Spell Slots for spells above those which you can cast do not become available until you gain the ability to casts spells of that respective level. As an student following in The Whispering Witch's footsteps you have been groomed and raised in her teachings. Your understanding of her lessons far exceeds those of your peers and thus your command of her magics is much more potent. If you have access to an arcane spell list you receive bonus feats from listed below at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 Spoiler: These Skills are only available to those trained by The Whispering Witch: Knowledge Primal The strangeness of the events within Golarion far exceed the preserved tales and lore of the past.

The primal events which run rampant throughout the world has led to the death of magic. The instability of the arcane has paved the road for alternate forms of travel and tools, science and technology have become the common.

Yet, as a young follower of the esoteric arts you chase a string of clues linking these changes in the world with some grander power. You can identify primal energy and interpret signs to gleam clues of its origin. Knowledge Abstract You master has taught you of many things. Entities which linger beyond this world and The Great Beyond.

Even this multiverse was but a small grain of sand upon a beach, in a world the size of a marble A marble within an endless ocean's tide of marbles. The fate of this planet in the grand scheme of creation meant little. To others, the secret teachings sounded like nothing more then the insane rantings of a cult - but not to you. You are one of the Initiated. Those most highest ranked within The Whispering Way who owned The Whispering Witch their undying loyalty knew these things to be true.

They served gods far greater then the false prophets of men - Hensa's Children had shown them The Great Truth. Spell Focus Manifesting magic in this unstable plane is a dangerous and fearful practice. Indeed, in most civilized places the practice is outlawed except by State Magisters out of fear of Wild Magic brining ruination to everything in its path. Even the Magisters of the land have not been taught in the ways of The Whispering Witch, and the great command she possesses over the arcane essence.

You have been schooled in her lessons and now hold a command over you magics unlike others Function: Magic you cast no longer has a chance to automatically fail or produce Wild Magic, a Spell Focus Check may always be attempted. A Focus Barrier may be erected by spending 10 minutes in uninterrupted meditation - You must make a Spell Focus Check as normal establishing this barrier's defense value. Should this Check ever be exceeded by the DC of the Primal influence around you the barrier is immediately dismissed.

This effect persists for 1 hour and defends yourself and any magic items on your person from primal influence until dismissed or the effect ends. To make a Spell Focus Check roll both Spellcraft and Spell Focus and total the combined result to determine your score.

What 'type' or variant of game will it be i. What is the setting for the game eg. The game continues to expand with player choices and the pursuit of a great and wide array of additional Main Quests, Side Quests and alternate Divergent Worlds. Contracting spellblight or unleashing magic with unexpected results, due to casting within a primal current have all become expected results for those employing magic carelessly.

Mages have become exceptionally well studied in proper employment of their spells and have studied the various effects of violent miscasts and primal events.

How many Players are you looking for? Will you be taking alternates, and if so, how many? Currently Player Party 4. What's the gaming medium OOTS, chat, e-mail etc. What is the characters' starting status i. How much gold or other starting funds will the characters begin with?

Now you must employ your familiar weapons once again. Pre-Game crafting is a Go, and is highly recommended to meet the required power scale Don't neglect travel supplies - mounts and other forms of transportation are not poor ideas either, as there will be lots of open space.

Details must be included in backstory -Pharmaceutical items from the Technology Guide are available to everyone -There will be time for crafting etc. Are there any particular character classes, professions, orders, etc. Build flavorful, but functional - getting killed by a Dire Rat is just embarrassing and the party will need everyone to function due to the higher difficulty of low powered PCs. Select a role to contribute to the party, and do it well because you'll need to work together to survive.

Yes all Paizo publications are approved. Ability Score bonuses from Advanced and Half-Celestial do not stack Similarly, bonuses such as SLA's and non-racial magical ability are not cumulative, allowing only one to be applied. So this is not the venue to pitch it. I don't dislike homebrew, but this is not the game for that.

What this is referring to 'lazy man homebrew' - such as wanting to swap out all weapon profs for an exotic weapon prof, or things like trading rogue talents for discoveries or ki abilities, or class features for another class feature - Making something a bit more unique. Just keep in mind feature progression will be slower and trading may require more then one original ability or class feature to select another.

Swaps will always be more 'expensive' then the ability being lost - Swaps for things to replace such things like free-feats now being granted for free; such as Weapon Finesse from a Swashbuckler are handled different and will provide an equal 1: Subsequent feats which were gained via a lost feat as a prerequisite are lost as well.

Lost feats are not replaced upon being removed. The Trap Finding Class Feature may be swapped for one of the following: Chink in the Armor Ex: Once per day, when you successfully strike with a sneak attack but the extra damage is negated such as by armor with fortification , as a swift action you may deal half the additional dice of damage round up anyway. You may do this twice per day at 8th level, and three times per day at 16th level. You only need one hand free to climb, and you do not lose your Dexterity bonus to AC while climbing.

When you successfully hit a target with a sneak attack, you may choose to deal fewer dice of sneak attack damage. For each die of damage you forgo, you place the target at a -1 penalty to one of the following categories: This penalty ends at the beginning of your next turn. You may also make a Bluff check to form denials into phrases that are technically true, though misleading. You have a ki pool equal to a ninja of your rogue level, and you may use your ki pool for the same things a ninja does.

At 1st level you have no points in your ki pool, but treat all Acrobatics checks made to jump as if you had a running start. Pick Your Way Ex: You add half your level to Acrobatics checks made to avoid taking attacks of opportunity when leaving a threatened space.

You do not treat crowds as difficult terrain. You are trained in the use of poison, and cannot accidentally poison yourself when applying poison to a weapon.

At 4th level you may take the Learn Ranger Trap feat see Ultimate Magic as a rogue talent without meeting its prerequisites. You treat your rogue levels as ranger levels for purposes of this feat and all ranger traps. Turn the Knife Ex: You are proficient in all martial weapons.

Beginning at 1st level, a heka magi utlizes heka, an ancient art that has allowed spellcasters over the millenia to attain near-transcendence in her arcane power. However, the intense study of the heka magi slows her study of other schools of magic and must select the Evocation school and one other school as her opposition schools.

In addition, she may use her Intelligence modifier in place of her Charisma modifier for any Use Magic Device skill checks on items utilizing arcane spells. Alternatively, a heka magi may select a single spell in her spell book. Each time a heka magi chooses a spell from her spellbook, she can, from that point on, prepare that spell without referring to her spellbook. In addition, a heka magi can spontaneously cast any spell she has chosen for heka by sacrificing 1 hit point per level of the spell, and a single spell of the same level or higher from their prepared spells.

A heka magi cannot select the same spell multiple times as a heka spell. This ability replaces arcane school and bonus feats. At 1st level, a dimensional warrior gains a reservoir of mystical arcane energy that he can draw upon to fuel his powers and cast dimensional magic.

The pool refreshes once per day when the magus prepares his spells. At 1st level, a magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to dimensional shift teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door.

This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A dimensional warrior must be able to see the space that he is moving into. A dimensional warrior cannot take other creatures with him when he uses this ability. A dimensional warrior can move 10 feet for every two dimensional warrior levels he possesses minimum 10 feet. This ability counts as dimension door for the purpose of qualifying for feats.

This ability only functions when he is wearing light armor, medium armor, or no armor, and carrying a light load. At 2nd level, by expending 1 point from his dimensional pool, a dimensional warrior can do one of the following: The dimensional warrior must have appeared adjacent to the opponent through the use of dimensional shift or dimension door.

This attack of opportunity counts against those granted by the Combat Reflexes feat. The point expended for this ability is in addition to the point s expended to dimensional shift or cast dimension door.

Become insubstantial for 1 round. A dimensional warrior can only have one use of his dimensional pool active at a time. If this ability is used again, the current use immediately ends. This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 1st level and bravery. A witch can determine if an action taken by a specific creature in the next 10 seconds 1 round will bring good or bad results for you in the immediate future. A question may be so straightforward that a successful result is automatic, or so vague as to have no chance of success.

The result of a third eye hex does not take into account the long-term consequences of a contemplated action. Destined For Greatness Absalom Kit with gp worth of consumable items. Strong Evocation and Alteration CL: Though the original tome from which this page was stolen has been lost to the ages, the remains have been fashioned into powerful scrolls of strange Sin Magic.

Each scroll scattered throughout Golarion holds one of the Sigils of Tarnished Sin, words of power withholding the magics of strange entities from beyond time. This item functions as a standard scroll, however its contents contain only an esoteric cryptogram within a large circle. Many strange symbol fill this circle but none are ineligible. Using the Read Magic spell reveals nothing of the contents of this scroll, and Spellcraft and Knowledge Arcana only reveal hints of its ancient origin and nothing more.

This scroll can only be activated by a creature with at least a single level in the Talented Ranger class, however this item provides no hint at such a requirement. Additionally this item cannot be activated by Use Magic Device, but requires the character to succeed a DC20 Ride Check while attempting to read this document. The creature must be mounted and actively riding another creature of one size category larger for this Ride Check to be attempted.

Upon success, a creature with the applicable Class Levels may cast this spell as they are granted miraculous understanding of its contents. Repeated Ride Checks may be attempted, however upon rolling a natural 1, the rider critically fails and is thrown from their mount with no acrobatics check permitted. The rider takes damage normally from this fall and the scroll becomes dormant for 24 hours. After this period the rider may attempt to activate this scroll again.

Casting this spell is a Standard Action which provokes normally. If the caster is hit, they must attempt a Concentration Check or the spell is lost and the scroll is wasted. This bonus has a duration of 2 Hours and stacks with other Enchantment Bonuses, including itself. Strong Evocation and Necromancy CL: These Hit Points otherwise function as normal Hit Points, mending damage while the spell is in effect but being calculated as a separate pool.

These Hit Points must be depleted before the rider's own Hit Points can be reduced, upon this spell's completion any temporary hit points generated by its respective scroll activation is removed. Any subsequent effects that follow from low or negative Hit Points effects the rider immediately. Melissa Alery - Child http: She recognized the women's face instantly. She knew of her, because she had been lost They demanded an insane ransom for her return.

It cost the Lord nearly all of his personal wealth. He sold his property and paid the criminals their money The leader, clawed and scarred said she'd resisted them and tried to escape, so they put her to the sword. Lord Alery, devastated by his loss, vanished from the public eye for years.

It was only until recently he had reemerged to the public once more, holding both his former title and being instated as High-Judge Alery. He vowed to see criminals like those that had slain his daughter brought to justice, that no one need know the pain and suffering he had endured With freezing eyes, and a calm transparent temperament, that levied the weight of the law with complete lifeless and un-endearing disquieting silent ferocity.

He was a man feared by any man on the wrong side of the law, and the story One Standard Action Saving Throw: Ref negates Spell Resistance: No The target simply stops in time, permanently left in the past. From the point of view of everyone else, he, she, or it simply vanishes totally. Countering this spell requires that someone presumably a powerful spellcaster know when and where Temporal Halt was cast, on whom or what, and then must find a way to cast a spell into the past. You could dip three levels of Archer Fighter to get a Ranged Sunder ability as well.

Normally, I'd suggest that an archer ranger should have a high strength and mediocre Dex for the damage, but given the way that the Ranged Disarm and Ranged Trip feats are written, you'll have to stick with Dex as your primary stat. Here's what I'd be going for for 15th level: You really need the feat.

Archery is feat intensive to begin with, and adding in maneuver feats just exacerbates the issue. Con's low, so you need to stay away from the enemies; you need to have a couple points of Wisdom so you can actually cast gravity bow once in a while. You could dump Int, or go lower on Cha, but losing skill points and playing as an offensive moron isn't fun for very long.

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