Ads must not contain content leading to external landing pages that provide an unexpected or disruptive experience. Ads must not request account numbers, including frequent flyer numbers, loyalty card numbers, or cable or telephone account numbers without our prior permission. The app is currently available in parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia, and will continue to expand to more countries around the world. If you think your ad was mistakenly disapproved, please let us know. When advertisers place an order, each ad is reviewed against these policies. You are responsible for ensuring your service providers protect any Facebook advertising data or any other information obtained from us, limit their use of all of that information, and keep it confidential and secure. Ads must not violate our Community Standards.

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Privacy settings can be customized for each group. Within a group, people can post updates, share photos and files and organize events. With Facebook Events, people can organize gatherings, manage invitations and send notifications and reminders to their friends.

People can use events to invite their friends to anything from a dinner party to a community fundraiser. More than million people use Events every month. More people than ever are sharing, discovering and engaging with videos that they care about in News Feed.

People watch more than million hours of video every day on Facebook. With more than million photos uploaded each day, Facebook is the most popular place to share photos. People can upload an unlimited number of high-resolution photos, create albums and choose their audience. Tagging lets people identify friends in a photo and automatically share that content with them.

Find any posts and photos that your friends have shared with you. Re-live your most important memories and explore the world through the eyes of your friends.

Pages are public profiles that let artists, public figures, businesses, brands, organizations, and non-profits create a presence on Facebook and connect with the Facebook community. When someone likes a Page, they can start seeing updates from that Page in News Feed. Instagram inspires us to explore and see the world differently—to go on adventures, to take detours, to take in everything around you and to share what you see with the world.

Take a photo or video, choose a filter and share. This includes nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative.

Ads must not contain content that infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights. To report content that you feel may infringe upon or violate your rights, please visit our Intellectual Property Help Center. Ads must not contain shocking, sensational, disrespectful or excessively violent content.

Ads must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes. Ads, landing pages, and business practices must not contain deceptive, false, or misleading content, including deceptive claims, offers, or methods. Ads must not contain content that exploits controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.

Ads must not direct people to non-functional landing pages. Ads may not promote the sale of spy cams, mobile phone trackers or other hidden surveillance equipment. Ads must not contain profanity or bad grammar and punctuation.

Symbols, numbers and letters must be used properly without the intention of circumventing our ad review process or other enforcement systems. Ads must not contain "before-and-after" images or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results.

Ad content must not imply or attempt to generate negative self-perception in order to promote diet, weight loss, or other health related products. Ads for health, fitness or weight loss products must be targeted to people 18 years or older. Ads may not promote payday loans, paycheck advances, bail bonds, or any small, short-term loans intended to cover someone's expenses until their next payday. Ads promoting income opportunities must fully describe the associated product or business model, and must not promote business models offering quick compensation for little investment, including multilevel marketing opportunities.

Ads may not promote penny auctions, bidding fee auctions or other similar business models. Ads may not promote fake documents, such as counterfeit degrees, passports or immigration papers. Ads must not contain content leading to external landing pages that provide an unexpected or disruptive experience.

This includes misleading ad positioning, such as overly sensationalized headlines, and leading people to landing pages that contain minimal original content and a majority of unrelated or low quality ad content. Ads must not contain spyware, malware, or any software that results in an unexpected or deceptive experience.

This includes links to sites containing these products. Ads must not contain audio or flash animation that plays automatically without a person's interaction or expands within Facebook after someone clicks on the ad. Ads must not promote products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media.

Ads must not use tactics intended to circumvent our ad review process or other enforcement systems. This includes techniques that attempt to disguise the ad's content or destination page.

Ads must not promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices. Ads that promote or reference alcohol must comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry codes, guidelines, licenses and approvals, and include age and country targeting criteria consistent with Facebook's targeting guidelines and applicable local laws.

Note that ads promoting or referencing alcohol are prohibited in some countries, including but not limited to: Ads for online dating services are only allowed with prior written permission. These must adhere to the dating targeting requirements and our dating quality guidelines found here.

In order to be a registered dating partner, please fill out this form to begin your application process. Ads that promote or facilitate online real money gambling, real money games of skill or real money lotteries, including online real money casino, sports books, bingo, or poker, are only allowed with prior written permission. Authorized gambling, games of skill or lottery ads must target people 18 years or older who are in jurisdictions for which permission has been granted.

Lotteries run by government entities may advertise on Facebook, provided the ads are targeted in accordance with applicable law in the jurisdiction in which the ads will be served and only target people in the jurisdiction in which the lottery is available. Ads must not promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals. Ads for online and offline pharmacies are only permitted with prior written permission. Ads that promote acceptable dietary and herbal supplements may only target people who are at least 18 years of age.

Ads for subscription services, or that promote products or services that include negative options, automatic renewal, free-to-pay conversion billing products, or mobile marketing are subject to our subscription services requirements. Ads promoting credit card applications or financial services with accredited institutions must clearly provide sufficient disclosure regarding associated fees, including APR percentages transaction fees, within the ad's landing page. Ads promoting branded content must tag the featured third party product, brand or business partner using the branded content tool.

Branded content within ads is defined as a creator or publisher's content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value. When promoting branded content integrations, advertisers must use the branded content tool please learn more here on how to tag the featured third party product, brand or business partner. Ads promoting student loan services must be targeted to people 18 years or older. Ads must not promote misleading or deceptive services related to student loan consolidation, forgiveness, or refinancing.

Advertisers can run political, election related and issue ads, provided the advertiser complies with all applicable laws and the authorization process required by Facebook. If Facebook's authorization process is available in your country, in addition to complying with the Community Standards and Advertising Policies, the disclaimer you submit for your ad related to politics or an issue of national importance must comply with the following guidelines.

Ads may not promote cryptocurrency and related products and services without our prior written permission. Ads promoting drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that target the United States are only permitted with prior written permission. Video ads and other dynamic ad types must comply with all of the rules listed in these Advertising Policies, including the Community Standards, as well as the policies below:. Videos and other similar ad types must not use overly disruptive tactics, such as flashing screens.

Ads for movie trailers, TV shows, video game trailers, and other similar content intended for mature audiences are only allowed with prior written permission from Facebook and must target people who are 18 years or older. Excessive depictions of the following content within these ads are not allowed: Drugs and alcohol use. You must not use targeting options to discriminate against, harass, provoke, or disparage users or to engage in predatory advertising practices.

If you target your ads to custom audiences, you must comply with the applicable terms when creating an audience. All ad components, including any text, images or other media, must be relevant and appropriate to the product or service being offered and the audience viewing the ad. Ads must clearly represent the company, product, service, or brand that is being advertised.

The products and services promoted in an ad's text must match those promoted on the landing page, and the destination site must not offer or link to any prohibited product or service. Excessive text in ad images may result in your ad reaching fewer people or not running at all. Try to use little or no image text when possible. Visit the Advertiser Help Center to learn more about these guidelines and exceptions to the guidelines.

Advertisers must not create Lead Ads questions to request the following types of information without our prior written permission. Ads must not request account numbers, including frequent flyer numbers, loyalty card numbers, or cable or telephone account numbers without our prior permission. Ads must not request information regarding criminal or arrest history without our prior permission.

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