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For the three jackpot wins, we wish we could tell you if the 5 symbols have to be in a win line or they have to be anywhere on the reels. The Super Claw makes you stronger so you can pull up heavy gold nuggets, rocks, and so on much faster. Gold Miners is obviously a game with a gold mining theme, as players are given the chance to have fun mining gold and getting rich here. It pays 12 for every 3, 40 for every 4, and for every 5. While this Aristocrat slot may seem outdated compared to the slot games that are now being released on the market, its graphics and design are clean and clear with nicely crafted symbols and characters that perfectly capture the feel and atmosphere of the famous gold rush era. Play for real and win!

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Bonus Rounds with likeable characters

Adds a red laser to your reel. The laser makes it very easy to time the drop of your claw and reel. Simply wait until the laser passes over the treasure you want to grab, then press the Down Arrow key at the same instant.

The Super Claw makes you stronger so you can pull up heavy gold nuggets, rocks, and so on much faster. I haven't pulled one up yet, so I'm not sure what it does. You can purchase the items in the list below from the Shop Keeper between levels. The Strength Potion is almost always worth buying, in my opinion. This makes any gems reeled up in the next level more valuable. Since gems are already worth quite a lot, the diamond polish may be a good investment.

Use to get rid of unwanted items, especially rocks. The number of sticks you have remaining displays on the side of your mining cart. Makes you a lot stronger during the next level. Increased strength allows you to reel up heavy nuggets and rocks much faster than usual.

Lets you reel up very heavy objects. At higher levels, there are rocks and gold nuggets so big that you literally cannot pull them up without these cables. At higher levels, you will run into other miners who compete with you for the gold and other treasures. On one level, there was a miner named "Hansel" with a super claw that took away many of the valuables before I could reel them up!

I hope you enjoy playing this free Gold Miner Vegas online game. For a brain game, it's pretty fun. Gold Miner Vegas online distributed by y3.

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