If you walk, you break a contract. These and many other special locations are classed as dungeons. You should show them your spreadsheets. The House unanimously approved legislation Tuesday to make it easier for patients enduring lengthy delays for initial visits to get VA-paid treatment from local doctors instead. Casinos are full of seniors trying their luck at the slots. Those wanting to help the center can adopt an animal or become a member. Town Place Ste St.

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It made a big impression. It starts at 7 p. Add the fresh corn kernels; cook for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Lower heat if necessary to keep butter from burning. Sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning, and add about 1 teaspoon of sugar if desired.

Do you have a recipe that has special meaning for you? Email it to us at photo burnabynewsleader. From convenient services to groceries and gift items Tang Tang Fish Market The purpose of the proposed bylaw is to close and remove the dedication of certain portions of highway — closure of portion of Marine Drive Right-of-Way abutting Marine Drive all that portion of road in District Lot , Group 1, New Westminster District, dedicated by Plan containing 0.

It is proposed to place this bylaw before City Council for consideration of Final Adoption at the regular Council Meeting scheduled for September Anyone who considers themselves affected by the proposed bylaw is provided an opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting the bylaw to Burnaby City Council by submitting a letter addressed to: A key issue — to be tackled this fall — is whether any new incinerator should be publicly owned and operated or outsourced to a private partner.

Directors will likely debate whether Metro should keep the energy revenue for itself, how much that power might be worth in the future and whether Metro could scale down incineration if residents recycle and compost more than expected. Metro waste management committee. That may bring a tussle at the board over how to rate the bids.

Should more weight be given to avoiding local air emissions by barging trash to Gold River? Would locating the incinerator in Surrey help transform its emerging downtown with new development? But the hammer of arbitration and subsequent provincial approvals necessary for any plant could still allow Victoria to block in-region incineration, in response to the demands of Valley residents.

Check out the hundreds of performances and exhibits and more than 50 thrilling rides and attractions at the Fair A Family Pack of Tickets Pkg includes: For more information or to buy tickets online go to www. We will guide you towards the proper Will for your loved ones if anything happen to you. Where do you need to be today? Our weekly resident shuttle service takes you to and from local appointments. Seema Patel hit a low point in her life after the birth of her daughter, Radhika.

Hopper knew as soon as she met Radhika that they were a great match. Or how about a trip to White Rock for ice cream? The Mulberry residents attend the symphony, have dinner out, and picnic in the park — all in the company of good friends. The organization was founded by social worker Marjorie Anderson in with the goal of bringing together.

The organization offers the family match program, where volunteers over 50 are matched with a child who has no access to. Volunteer grandparents can have their own natural grandchildren and must commit to spending two to four hours a week for one year with the new child.

The organization also has a school-based program, where volunteers go to elementary schools for one-to-one reading time with children. When Patel met Hopper, she was in an abusive relationship and felt ostracized by her community for wanting to leave her husband. Patel said that Hopper empowered and encouraged her to end the relationship, even when her friends and family told her not to. You remain valuable to them. To ensure that your wishes are honored, planning is essential.

Discuss your wishes with family, loved ones and caregivers. Make sure you have a will. Palliative care provides relief to a terminally ill person through symptom manage: How can family ment and pain management. The goal is not to and friends help? Be yourself and be open to talking about: What can you do as a patient? Be an active participant Listen carefully in your care.

Patients will likely lead conBeing well informed helps versation away from subjects relieve fear, gives you control that make them uncomfortable. Visiting with the patient Ask friends to call the patient or family members before arriving to see if it is a good time to visit.

If the person is in advanced stages of illness, inform visitors that short visits minutes are best. Express your feelings for the patient before they die. Tell them you love them or write a letter if you cannot speak with them directly. Reach her at or wendy nursenextdoorburnaby.

We call it Home Come and Enjoy: Ask the patient if there is anything extra you can do for them or bring them to make them feel comfortable. Affordable bachelor suites available for rent in a senior-oriented building. Conveniently located in Burnaby near transportation, shopping, medical services and community centre. Subsidized rent includes heat, light and cablevision. Fabulous views and beautiful gardens along with an active social program make these suites desirable for seniors.

Not hearing all that you should? Hearing screenings and complete diagnostic assessments available. Need a hearing aid? Styles, brands and price ranges to suit your style and budget.

Musician hearing protection We can help! Various solutions and options available. Custom earmolds for iPod, noise protection, swim and sleep. Burnaby North Hearing Services Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc.

They live a seven-minute drive from each other and enjoy time. Hopper encourages those of grandparenting age to become volunteers with the organization, which has a waitlist of families hoping to be matched with a grandparent. Radhika feels lucky she has Hopper in her life and has only positive things to say about her granny.

Patel says Hopper is there for all holidays and birthdays, and also goes to watch Radhika perform traditional Hindu dances. Lyric is the first completely invisible, extended wear hearing aid. It requires no handling at all and remains in the ear up to four months. The hearing care professional positions Lyric deep in the ear canal for outstanding sound quality. Find out if the Lyric is right for you. The Inn Crowd Across 1. Sales agent, in brief Airline to Haifa I flying ace Pays bills on-line Ready to bake, as bread dough Corner Gas writer and star Stan's nickname on Barney Miller Mounted Police, for short Dwindle in strength Homey lodging, or what is found in the four longest puzzle answers Emperor with a fiddle Latish lunch hour Swedish five-time Wimbledon champ University in Wolfville, NS Former As It Happens cohost End to many languages Flies by the seat of one's pants Other than Down 1.

Rooms in a casa 4. Quints' name Drink hot tea Liquor smuggler Make an ex? Elbow in the ribs Grande opening? Have blurred vision Fairy tale finisher Foul temper French fowl served au vin Monkey-see-monkey-doers Meas. My husband and I had agreed years back, that mom will not become addicted nor spend your inheritance. It is probably more of the novelty when we retired we would travel and visit differthat is keeping her attention for now.

Last week my husband came home to Morris, an year-old man, went to the tell me that he put a down payment on doctor to get a physical.

I was heartbroken; I A few days later the doctor saw Morris envisioned a retirement cruise to Europe, walking down the street with a gorgeous dressing for dinner and lounging on the young lady on his arm. What should I do? I said you got a heart mummer and be careful. Well, it sounds like you both have very different views on retirement travel. Here is the good news—retirement is a long time. Find her at www. Have a question for Eve? No roughing it like the good old days, these Email age-rite shaw.

I am amazed to see how many RVs are parked at casinos and malls, many of which are more than happy to offer free overnight parking to the senior spender. Personally I think you are a lucky gal, and I would be sharpening my marshmallow stick if I were Audiologists cannot bill the Medical Services Plan for their you.

My mother, who up until now has been a homebody, seems to have a new interest. Going to the casino seems to be her new passion and she is there a few times a week. Whenever I ask her to get together, she seems too busy. She has never been a gambler before, except for buying lottery tickets. Why in her 80s would she now be interested in gambling?

Casinos are full of seniors trying their luck at the slots. They welcome the senior customer, and encourage them to come by the busloads. The cost is whatever you want to spend. It is also easy to be there solo if you choose to go alone.

Payment for a complete hearing test ensures you will receive an unbiased, professional opinion. It is common to include this fee when you buy hearing aids.

Hearing aids must be ordered within 6 months of your last hearing test If you are covered by a third party such as WorkSafe BC or Veterans Affairs Canada, they will be billed for the hearing test. Extended health plans may pay for the hearing test. Contact your insurance company to see if you can be reimbursed for a hearing test.

How can I enhance my Aging Body? Wednesday, August 24th, 2: The clock is ticking and your body is aging. So what can you do with your aging body? There is so much you can do which will only make these later years so much more comfortable and enjoyable. So come find out from Dr. Wayne Jakeman, DC as he shares his 20 years of knowledge about what you can do for your aging body.

Please call our Concierge at All-on-4 is a minimally invasive immediate solution for people who are wearing dentures or who are concerned about wearing dentures. Kwon since he did general dentistry a long time ago. As I got older, I eventually needed implants, so I went to his implant only practice in Metrotown. The staff at Chrysalis are real gems.

Kwon is like a magician and he is extremely humble and always a delight to talk with. Martin Crilly suggested area mayors insist on a better understanding of how money will be spent if the province fails to enact some of the revenue sources.

Many motorists and some mayors already oppose raising the TransLink-dedicated gas tax from 15 to 17 cents per litre, an increase the province has pledged to legislate this fall to take effect next April. Higher parking taxes and mechanisms to tax property developers are also on the table.

That could open up new. Resumes are sought from individuals with significant recent experience in a combination of the following areas: A few of the more notable nicknames could be added to the biography Donald Trump.

MrX, the list doesn't have to be sourced, but the nicknames do as nicknames. I don't know that this has happened but nice try , and at any rate the topic is really ridiculous and not notable. List articles are sometimes made by listing notable subjects that already have Gpedia articles. Simply compiling a list of sourced items does not satisfy notability. In the end, it will look like a polemic. Nip it in the budding stage.

This debate has been included in the list of Companies-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Hong Kong-related deletion discussions. There doesn't need to be any 'adspeak' for these to be recognised as a purely promotonal exercise put up by the group's PR people. New Media Group Holdings has already been speedied. Gpedia is not a platform for promotion and is not an extension of this company's web platforms, WP: Summary Any promotional issues can be handled through editing per Gpedia: Editing policy Gpedia is a work in progress: The articles in general are neutrally written.

Emperor Entertainment Group is the most promotional article but there are more neutral versions like this version to revert to. Here is my summary for each article nominated for deletion: Variety said Emperor Motion Pictures "has well-established film production, investment and distribution operations". In , Simon Yeung, an analyst with Daiwa Institute of Research, said Emperor "had not commanded investor attention because its performance had been nothing special in recent years" but that "he was now impressed by the company's investment and development property portfolio in Hong Kong and by its strong financial position".

Archived from the original on Entertainment group shares are suspended". The article notes my bolding: South China Morning Post. Such drastic changes are uncommon among listed firms.

Pao, Jeff; Lee, Georgina Emperor Entertainment Group is under siege from illegal downloads and piracy of its films. Kwong, Vicki; Yuk-min, Hui Film company, cinema chain partner to tap market as movie house investment booms". Emperor Sets 15 Titles for Slate". University of Southern California. Apple Daily in Chinese. The total area of the company's stores is 32, square feet, up from 17, sq ft in The article also lists analysis from analysts: The Emperor brand is well recognised in the city Cons: The company's core markets are Hong Kong and Macau, where competition is keen and the chance for aggressive sales network expansion is slim Yiu Chin, director of financial analysis, Altruist Financial Group Pros: Two of Emperor Group's spin-offs had good performance on their trading debuts, which can attract speculators Cons: Tourist numbers are expected to drop because of the global economic slowdown, which will affect the company's outlook Francis Lun Sheung-nim, general manager, Fulbright Securities Pros: The offer size is small, which means it is easy to manipulate the stock price Cons: The market sentiment is so bad nobody is buying anything Lam, Amy Emperor International Holdings Goplan, Nisha Emperor takes the crown with Happy Valley project.

Developer plans to convert commercial building into 68 apartments as small as The company also owns a number of shops in Macau. Emperor Entertainment Hotel Li, Sandy Sallay, Alvin; Wan, Freda The , square foot project is the group's first major property development in Shanghai.

Emperor's new close highlights mad concept stock boom It took Emperor China Concept Investments only two days to become the best-performing Hong Kong stock this year. Relisted to generate a more thorough discussion and clearer consensus.

For further discussion on the notability of the subjects and the sources provided and the fact that the promotional content was only added later to some of the articles. Please add new comments below this notice. Thanks, So Why If I were to close this today, it would be defensible to close it as delete.

Thanks, -- RoySmith talk It isn't because it came from a contributor and not the magazine staff. I didn't think to mention the awards when I made the nomination because they didn't show up in sourcing, but sure, since you mention them I'll go into further analysis: All startups get awards, and the ones that this company has received don't confer notability. Imho that would be a bit pedantic.

I suggest that Next German federal election is a more appropriate title as there's always the chance of a snap election being called prior to , and the specific year is thus Gpedia: This debate has been included in the list of Television-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of India-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Women-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Ice hockey-related deletion discussions.

This debate has been included in the list of Turkey-related deletion discussions. Hockey , notable female athelete. Of course I take your word for her status since you seem a lot more familiar with hockey than I am. Sportsfan should have been more clear in their response, but the point was NHOCKEY has never used in a country as part of the guideline.

It has always been in the world either implied or directly stated as ice hockey is not equally covered in every country like football. I do page patrolling some times of new articles. My impression was that if any soccer player's foot touched a soccer ball even once in an amateur game, that earned them notability and a WP article. So it isn't the same for hockey? Sort of correct per WP: If there were to be an in a country statement on NHOCKEY, that would lead to club team players in Egypt and recreational players in Panama having "notability", which obviously would be incorrect.

The logical if farcical conclusion to "the top players in any one nation-state are automatically notable" is that beer leaguers in Peru or San Marino are notable by definition, a bit of silliness to which the hockey WikiProject thankfully avoids. NHOCKEY guidelines, does not play at the top level internationally and plays in an amateur league when there are professional options available for women players.

Besides that GNG is not met as all citations found are only passing mentions or databases. After trying to read the sources most of which were broken or dead , searching for more, and running them through rough translators, I am not seeing anything outside of the WP: This basically only proves that she is a real person who has played hockey but does not meet the WP: GNG standards for significant coverage. Absolutely does not meet WP: GNG as women's leagues have not established any presumed notability for its players based on media coverage.

In order for a women to meet the SNG, she must have played for the top division in the IIHF world championships or the Olympics which typically overlap rosters anyways. Another in a very long string of articles about NN female Turkish hockey players, and at least we've put to rest the inane notion that they possibly satisfy any element of NHOCKEY, which they do not.

No evidence the subject meets the GNG. Seems curious to use it here as a reason for deletion. The fundamental question we need to ask of any article in terms of its suitability for Gpedia is "Upon what basis does the article creator assert notability?

There's a guideline that sets forth the standards of notability for hockey players, which the subject here fails to meet, and which is entirely appropriate to cite. Why do you keep referencing it?

There's a guideline that sets forth the standards of notability for hockey players, which the subject here fails to meet, which is entirely appropriate to cite, and which shouldn't be any great puzzle to figure out why it's mentioned. This debate has been included in the list of Computing-related deletion discussions. Gbawden , and that this has been removed by User: I would want to know what those other many such articles are.

I notified both users. The comparisons are or should be limited to those about which we have WP articles or which are discussed substantially in WP articles about the firms. We have many such articles hereit's standard especially in the computer technology field--the field where WP is best known for comprehensiveness and quality. As such articles go, the selection here is reasonably appropriate. It is standard to have such articles though they do take watching.

See the articles in Category: Computing comparisons and its many subcategories. This ensures that the list is not endless, and that it does not become endless, with every marginal or unnoticed machine. The list as it is, is OK. Remove red linked entries. Also, maybe remove the different variations of one brand in the list. For example, 'Stratasys' has more than 20 variations - and with that I can agree with the nominator - Gpedia is not a repository for indiscriminate cataloging of cruft and we are not in the business of promotion.

Stratsys , this would become a Comparison of 3D printer brands , and there wouldn't be a lot to compare anymore. If we keep listings of which there exist articles, would that include e. I think it is wrong to list prices on Gpedia; would there be objection to removing that column at least? That kind of data is very volatile. We have similar lists comparing operating systems, chat clients, web browsers etc.

It presents the information in a concise manner. I do agree with Rubdos that we can remove the price column. Andy Dingley talk This debate has been included in the list of Film-related deletion discussions.

This debate has been included in the list of California-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Canada-related deletion discussions. I've added citations from Canada's leading newspaper and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that I hope bolster the case for notability, as well as mainstream LGBT media review sources that are independent from the subject person.

She's the author of the CBC piece, so it doesn't assist notability at all — people get Gpedia articles by being the subject of media coverage written by other people , not by being the author of the article's sources.

Of the two Globe and Mail citations you added, neither one is about Mullen at all — one is a brief blurb review of a different film, and the other just briefly mentions Mullen's existence in the process being fundamentally about the film's writer , Stephanie Fabrizzi. All of those new sources would be acceptable for supplementary confirmation of stray facts after GNG had already been covered off by stronger ones — but none of them count a whit toward the initial meeting of GNG.

This debate has been included in the list of actors and filmmakers-related deletion discussions. The only awards indicated here are "Birks Diamond Tribute" and "Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame", which are not awards that count as notability claims — a person has to win an award on the order of the Canadian Screen Awards or the Oscars or the Emmys or the BAFTAs to be considered notable for being an award winner, not just any random local award that exists anywhere at all.

Being a soundbite-giver in an article about another thing doesn't assist notability, because it doesn't equate to being the subject of the coverage: Mullen still isn't the subject of "Female Directors Face Closed Doors in Canada, Study Finds", but merely gives that article's writer a word quote in an article that's about a broad theme and not about Mullen herself — the article actually says more about Erika Linder than it does about Mullen, and Erika Linder isn't even a director.

So no, you still haven't added any references that actually strengthen the case at all — 16 footnotes, and we're still at zero for footnotes that count as notability-supporting ones. It would be harsh to tell Ms. Mullen that her TIFF trinket is "just any random local award that exists anywhere. Mullen has accomplishments in several related fields; she's not a Kardashian, all of whom have Gpedia entries -- even Khloe. Yes, one of the cited sources is primarily about Erika Linder, and it's hardly unusual in Gpedia to use a part of an article to substantiate a claim.

Admins know that, so I'm baffled by the sledgehammer reply, sneering putdown of Ms. Part of the media attention Ms. Mullen has earned in turn has allowed her to speak , which in Gpedia-land doesn't count -- I get that -- because it has to be someone else speaking about her. The irony is her message is that female voices aren't heard in Canadian cinema because men get all the big budgets, and the cited study validates that. And she echoed that finding from personal experience.

And then -- this is delicious -- she is declared by Gpedia admins as being not notable, validating that, indeed, her voice is not worthy of being heard. And that's how Ms. Muzzled, er, Mullen, didn't make it into Gpedia. I appreciate the time spent on critiquing my proposed article and in listening to me. At any rate, one of the main reasons we insist on reliable source coverage about a person, as opposed to handing a notability freebie to everybody just because the article claims something that sounds interesting, is that because we're an encyclopedia that anybody can edit, we have no processes in place to prevent somebody who doesn't like her for whatever reason from editing the article to attack her, or inserting outright lies about her, or revealing unpublished gossip about her personal life.

You might think nobody would ever actually do that, but you would be wrong — it happens all the time on here, and reliable source coverage is our only method of sorting out what's true and what isn't. We depend on reliable source coverage because it's the only method we have of ensuring that the article stays accurate.

We don't insist on reliable source coverage to punish people: Having a Gpedia article is not always necessarily a good thing: I appreciate the effort to clarify. That's already been included in the article, and I've already explained above why it doesn't count.

Also, I don't know if you're an employee of AfterEllen or just a random person who picked that as your username because it happened to be top of mind due to the comment you wanted to add — but if you are an employee then you'll need to familiarize yourself with our conflict of interest rules, and if you're not then you'll need to familiarize yourself with our username policy which prohibits usernames that unambiguously represent the name of a company, group, institution or product.

And video interviews don't count either, for the same reason. The only kind of source that can support notability in a Gpedia article is one in which she is being written about in the third person by somebody other than herself. The subject's year-career as an actress, screenwriter, director, and producer -- as documented in the article -- make her a "significant" subject with many reliable and independent sources, per the definition of the very first sentence in WP: Mullen is therefore suitable for a stand-alone article.

For those who seek a better citation on any given project of the subject's, there is a template for that, and it can be inserted into the appropriate place in the article. The overall notability is clear, and her accomplishments have received reliable, verifiable, and independent attention in and beyond her native country. GNG is a measure of the degree to which the subject has or has not been the subject of significant and substantive coverage in reliable sources.

Thanks, A Train talk Gpedia has policies and guidelines regarding the encyclopedia's content, and consensus agreement is gauged based on the merits of the arguments, not by counting votes. Comments by suspected single-purpose accounts or canvassed users may be tagged using: As a specification , there's other stuff that's adhering to it e.

There are a couple of sources like this , which we're more looking for, but the vast majority of the others are either other boards or non-independent. Like, you've got things like this from intel , but that's not really critical analysis or useful for anything other than an extlink. Addressing "COI" tag — Primary contributor myself has declared transparency on both User page and Talk page of page in question.

This page has also seen some external contributions. I move this tag not be taken into account when voting for AfD. I believe cross links to the information in this page in necessary to many other Gpedia articles and organizations. If the depth of coverage is not substantial, then multiple independent sources should be cited to establish notability" Since the AfD was issued, several strong reference have been added that should have increased 96Boards notability substantially.

The 96Boards community is lively, vibrant, and well known in many circles. This Gpedia page reflects a notable name that will only continue to grow, bringing many more Wikipedians into the fold as contributors. Please consider some of the following links to increase 96Boards notability: I move this tag be heavily reconsidered when voting for AfD.

That being said, the history of this page along with the what links here is telling. Literally every link to this page was either made by the author or an army of single purpose accounts. I found only one user who edited something other than this subject. But all came to action on the exact same week. The editor claimed in IRC, that this was due to a recent promotional campaign. I'm stretching my good faith in saying that's acceptable for one maybe two new account creations, but here's my list so far: Bundling that with the duck meatpuppetry is what led me to submit this AfD initially.

Anywho, hope this provides some insight. This AfD is in desperate need of participation from experienced editors who are not connected to the subject. GNG and so shouldn't have its own article Spiderone Thanks, MBisanz talk This debate has been included in the list of United Kingdom-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Actors and filmmakers-related deletion discussions. Thanks, - The Magnificentist Barely appears in the one film he is mentioned in and has no significant cultural impact so does not merit an article.

Not even close to independent notability. Sergecross73 msg me He was a former heavyweight champion, and I believe he deserves a place on this wiki. GNG is meaningless on Gpedia. That won't persuade anyone here. Also note that he is a "former heavyweight champion" only in the context of a fictional movie. He is not a real person, and is not a real wrestler, so he certainly wasn't actually a heavyweight champion.

Not independently notable and as per my edits on the page, there are no sources available either. Suggest protecting it after closing this discussion due to the amount of times its been changed from being a redirect. Anarchyte work talk Article should be stripped of all unsourceable data, leaving it pretty much empty. An IP editor could easily register and recreate the page if it were deleted, so that doesn't really fix the problem, and persistent recreations end up annoying administrators if pages are deleted anyway.

It's a plausible redirect if people are looking for the article, so should be kept as people will be redirected to a broader page about Jessie J.

This debate has been included in the list of Albums and songs-related deletion discussions. There are plenty of articles covering this song, as shown here , to justify notability. Coverage for the song is sufficient, as can be seen here and here. This debate has been included in the list of Education-related deletion discussions.

This debate has been included in the list of Sri Lanka-related deletion discussions. Institute Of Personnel Management that award academic degrees or professional certifications and these institutes are distinct from universities. Most of the these institute see List of autonomous higher education institutes in Sri Lanka are not listed under List of universities in Sri Lanka. This debate has been included in the list of Bosnia and Herzegovina-related deletion discussions.

This debate has been included in the list of Geography-related deletion discussions. No such user talk I have no opinion on the subject. While this may be a myth or legend, it has been covered in a variety of sources. Ok, we're looking at two separate topics here: Current topic of the article, very minimal coverage. Covered by the overwhelming majority of sources. White stag discusses the mythology. We could probably write more about albino deer mythology, but "ghost deer" seems to be more of a popular catchall term and not an appropriate name for the topic.

The term 'ghost deer' refers to more than one thing. But, deleting the article doesn't address that issue, it just avoids it. This debate has been included in the list of Animal-related deletion discussions. Shawn in Montreal talk This debate has been included in the list of Paranormal-related deletion discussions.

This debate has been included in the list of Mythology-related deletion discussions. There are one excellent source for the cryptid topic the instant article is about the SF Gate piece , one source which talks about real amelanistic or leucistic deer the PBS video , and one weird source about Virginia Dare supposedly being turned into a white deer by magic the book.

I suppose it would be possible to construct an article syncretizing these disparate sources, but that is not the article under consideration. I also did not find any other sources covering the cryptid ghost deer that were reliable , just a bunch of cryptid message boards and the like. Since the coverage mentioned is about two different subjects, further discussion should focus on which subject this article should cover and which is actually notable.

If the specific Californian dear is not, this might be a valid redirect to white stag per WP: ATD-R Please add new comments below this notice. North America I disagree that it's made-up, as it was certainly the term used for the way assessment was handled when I was at school in Queensland in the earlier years of the century, so on that level I'd expect there'd be something sourceable, but I'm apparently not the one to find it.

BigHaz - Schreit mich an Type this into Google Books and you get Continuous Assessment: The article may not be great right now, but as a concept it is very obviously notable and there are plenty of sources available. Thanks, North America This debate has been included in the list of Philippines-related deletion discussions. If not then delete it. It's a prestigious university, but its traditions are not anything that important.

I'm not sure how the gist of your comment is anything but "delete" given that, unless you or the article creator put the work in, that anyone will clean it up. My partner's nephew attended this university, which has a good reputation, but I don't know where to begin editing, so I alerted the relevant WikiProject to work on it.

It is totally acceptable to have the page be a subpage of the main page. It has yet to be fully developed, but it is already being used heavily as a resource for creating Gpedia pages that will be either created or improved on English, Spanish, and Portuguese Gpedia. I don't understand why this is even a problem.

This project is aiming to automate and improve Gpedia, using these fully formatted citations -- the aim is that they can be easily copied and reused. There is no reason for this sub-page to be deleted. The Spanish editor is not even willing to have a discussion with me about this.

This is so upsetting, as the intention here is very productive for three language Gpedia. If I need to address concerns about the publication list, I would like the opportunity to improve the page before such a massive amount of constructive information is deleted. I disagree strongly with this deletion, and think it is really aggressive and unhelpful. I don't think that the Spanish admin took the time to understand this subpage.

Le ruego que reconsidere esta postura. I believe that you have misunderstood the situation here. Deleting this sub-page is against WP: CPPC as part of its activity publishes academic and art history works in multiple languages that will be citations to support content that impacts English, Spanish, Portuguese as well as other language Wikipedias.

This sub-page is reflective of that work because it is uniquely multi-lingual. For editors to maximize usage of both the main CPPC page and the subpage with the citations both pages need to be customized for each language: I again plead with you to consider how negative the impact of the deletion will be, especially for Spanish speaking users. I can and am willing to improve both the main page and the sub-page to illustrate this better.

But to delete the sub-page is so very harmful. I beg you to reconsider this stance. By having a narrow interpretation here, you as one editor are having very negative impact on something that is very much intended to be positive and constructive.

El plan era mejorar su contenido. The plan was to improve its content. The page is incredibly relevant. But it does not look like you're interested in having a conversation here about that. Its mission is to publish works that need to be available in multiple languages. Each subpage must be fully usable in each language. The current GLAM page is here: By deleting this subpage, it is negatively affecting the Spanish Gpedia's coverage of modern Latin American art. This is significantly harming your own Gpedia.

Of their actions here are also negatively impacting Gpedia English, as a copywriting partner has put the English sub-page for deletion here, so well done!

This deletion will create 3 times the job and will not reflect the input correctly. I do not think it is right for you as an editor to have such an impact, to get in the way of a GLAM initiative that would have such a positive result in your encyclopedia. But this is your choice. SUB prohibits storage of article content in subpages.

Again the negative impact this action will have will be harmful to end users and especially Spanish Gpedia. I fear you are not understanding my point and my request for flexibility here. What can I add to further explain the positive and constructive benefit of being WP: Do I have to add this publication list to the main page?

Having said that, a little leeway would help. This is a project that will develop in a major way the documentation and therefore the articles about South American art and artists.

It is frightfully underdeveloped. In my opinion this proposal for deletion needs to be speedily removed. Thanks, GerardM talk This debate has been included in the list of Visual arts-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Organizations-related deletion discussions. This debate has been included in the list of Latin America-related deletion discussions.

This debate has been included in the list of Literature-related deletion discussions. It would not be a sub-page, but would be a separate entry unto itself. I think I understand the concern about sub-page versus list.

I will work on the list page to develop it more. Bailey's technician Stephen arrived and discovered that the defrost timer was faulty. He did not have the correct hour timer on board his van but temporarily installed an 8-hour unit to make certain that there was nothing else wrong. He ordered the unit at once. Today, less than one week after the breakdown, we are reloading our upright. Thanks to all for service we have not come to expect in this day and age.

North Port is for- tunate to have such a restau- rant as this in our midst. Mom-and-pop restaurants - family run, where the qual- ity of the food is only exceed- ed by the hospitality offered its guests are wonderful. The culture of the Greeks is filled with the history of its good food. I began patronizing this restaurant right from its start. Dino, the owner and his family and I have become good friends. I have brought groups of friends there for lunch or dinner and every time without exception, my guests were pleased with the selection, quality and quantity of food served by Dino's staff.

I remem- ber one time when I was re- turning from Sarasota, I called Dino to tell him I would be there for lunch around 12 p. When I got to the restaurant, it was crowded as it usually is at that time.

There was only one table left vacant. It was in the front-left corner of the restau- rant my usual table. Dino had put a reserved sign on the table for me. Needless to say, I was impressed by his kindness. The fact that he has a beau- tiful restaurant, the food being awesome and the family to welcome you, makes me come back often. Treat yourself to a wonderful lunch or dinner. Tell Dino his friend Sam sent you. When Obama made the trade with the Taliban he knew where Bergdahl was captive.

By releasing five ma- jor terrorists, was it worth it? Obama could have used Navy SEALs to rescue Bergdahl instead of risking the lives of our military by giving a blank check to the Taliban. Nick Siggelakis Sarasota Candidates should submit application Editor: A very simple, but import- ant procedure is missing from our election process.

Every potential candidate running for elective office should be required to fill out a detailed application for that position with all corroborating docu- mentation. This should apply to all elective offices including president of the United States and should also be a require- ment for primary and special elections. Don't we have the right to know the complete background, military service, schooling, grades received, extra-curricular activities, previous positions held and reasons for leaving those positions?

It should also include their personal family and financial histories with tax returns. All of these items should be fully documented. This application would be submitted for verification to a Special Election Committee and not divulged to the public until the candidate has met all the other requirements for running for that position.

Any falsehoods would automati- cally disqualify the candidate from running. When the campaign begins it should be released to the public or returned to the candidate if he decides not to run.

Properly formulated, this information would avoid much of the vicious per- sonal attacks which occur during primary and election campaigns. It will give the electorate a document worth studying to compare the real qualifications of the candi- dates. The candidates should welcome the opportunity to advance their positions by making this personal data available before the campaign and therefore not wasting valuable time answering per- sonal questions about their background.

It might shorten the tiresome and election season. Marl 'Racist'is lal used all too o Editor: There is no defense a charge of racism. A action, resistance, arV or political position c labeled racist, ending hope for open and h discussion and is a ve effective strategy thoi so productive.

If I don't like the ac the president, I'm rac don't agree with Shar being honored in the States, I'm racist. If II in voter ID, racist. Wa order secure, racist.

A Common Core, you g racist. Don't think Ob is a sound program, r again. If I think the d ity numbers, or food numbers, or Medicai high I'm a racist. A and on, and on. I'm not a racist. Ho believe government i spending and over re I believe that the GLBT, black, Hispanic and Muslim are be- ing afforded protections that are denied to white, Christian, heterosexual Americans.

I believe Congress is irrelevant. I believe state's rights are disappearing. I believe we are cheating our children of a quality education and of the lessons learned from striving to succeed. We are robbing them of self-reliance. I believe we capitulate to foreign govern- ments far too often. I believe we pay the bills for the United Nations and have little-to-no say. I believe we have lost our individualism and our exceptionalism because we have been sold on the notion that is somehow wrong.

Racist may be an easy label but you will find little proof. Vote yes on House Bill and HB Farmers were the back- bone of this country. They, plus America, should have the right and "freedom" to produce, consume and sell healthy nutritious foods, rather than be forced to eat foods produced in filthy, inhumane factory farms.

Do the right thing and get your fingers out of what these gen- tle farmers produce and what the American people have the right to consume. Kathleen Cronkhite Englewood Impact fees not paying for growth Editor: It has been noted that building thousands of homes and adding tens of thousands of new residents on the re- cently purchased 9, acres of Thomas Ranch maybe a challenge for our county and city government entities, but it will be much more so for the taxpayers.

For starters, let's examine the so-called "growth management" plans in place for schools and roads. There are currently no school impact fees in place and there hasn't been for the past two years for any new construction, so those Seven thousands of new homes will primary not contribute in paying for those new schools that will be tin Mandel needed. Englewood As far as providing the roads needed to handle all of the additional traffic, North Port bel has had its transportation e road impact fees at only ften 50 percent to where they should be, and at best that amount is whole-fully inad- e against equate as it's from a study ny that was done years ago.

If gument development truly paid for ;an be itself, then why is there always Sany the question of how to fund Dnest the widening of River Road? There would be if ia Law development really did pay United for itself.

Please keep them to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. All and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes letters must be signed with full name not initials. An address and telephone number must be no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided.

The Letters Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Our Town Page 10 C www. At Carmalita Park the concession stand will be located at the softball field area. The site was surveyed and the excava- tion of stormwater ponds has begun. The con- cession stand at South County Regional Park is for the soccer field area, where the site survey is completed and excava- tion will start soon.

Our Human Services Department staff met with the client informa- tion systems coordinator in Charlotte County. The CIS coordinator, em- ployed by the Homeless Coalition and affiliated with the Gulf Coast Partnership, provides lead-agency software support for homeless programs and client tracking in Charlotte County. This past April, the County Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with the Homeless Coalition to transition the data base support to the CIS system. This process is scheduled to begin in July.

The Human Services' Self-Sufficiency Program staff were trained on the system and will be using the client-tracking system as they implement a new state grant for housing assistance for at-risk families with children. One of the many programs and services coordinated through our human services department is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program, which assists families in developing plans to become economically stable.

The program guides the families to seek opportunities, enabling them to thrive in the community. In just one week in May, four self-sufficiency intakes were conducted; one quarterly assessment was completed; and three goal outcomes were met.

One client obtained skills and competencies required for employment; one client obtained access to reliable transportation; and one client obtained safe and affordable housing.

Families interested in the program should make an appointment through the Family Services Office by calling or visiting the office at Loveland Blvd.

Currently, the contractor has complet- ed the installation of all drainage pipes and stormwater structures on the northbound and southbound U. Utility work has begun along with the road- way restoration. The Pompano Waterway construction portion of this project is 80 percent complete and is on schedule. At the Elkcam Waterway, the first of three inch microtun- nels is complete. The contractor is currently preparing the second mi- crotunnel launching pit and is scheduled to begin tunneling on June The event was held from Feb.

This was the result of an estimated 7, spectators, 1, athletes, coaches, officials and media in attendance, with the average length of stay per party at six nights. Ray Sandrock is the Charlotte County ad- ministrator Readers may reach him at raymond.

Punta Gorda City Council switches meeting dates Reminder The Punta Gorda City Council has changed the dates of its regularly scheduled meetings to allow for a summer break. The reg- ularly scheduled meeting dates will resume in September. Relocation of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program to Punta Gorda moved a step closer to reality upon the City Council's approval to host the program and negotiate terms for the lease space in historic City Hall across from the City Clerk's Office.

Signage The City Council decided to forgo any further discussion regarding consideration of amending the sign code to accommodate larger real estate signs for multifamily residentially zoned properties. Evaluation of proposals and selection will occur over the next few months. The city manager met with the Burnt Store Isles Homeowner's Association and mem- bers of the community to discuss the process used to determine 1 percent local option sales tax projects, more specifical- ly Macedonia sidewalk.

Several residents ex- pressed issues with the proposed project and urged reconsideration of its construction, if the referendum is approved. Council Member Nancy Prafke was in attendance. Punta Gorda Pathways and the city's environs were once again high- lighted in a state publica- tion that will be distrib- uted elsewhere in the country.

Because of Visit Florida's relationships with other media outlets, the article will appear elsewhere. Bringing back oys- ters The Nature Conservancy, along with the assistance of community volunteers, is nearly finished with assembly of the oyster mats needed for the reefs.

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact Kate Aug at ext. Please call for an appointment. Our goal is to man the center from 8 a. If you are interested and want to learn more about this volunteer opportunity, please call during regular office hours or email Tyler puntagorda- chamber. Howard Kunik is the Punta Gorda city manager Readers may reach him at citymgr ci. Now there is an alternative to total knee replacement: Katie Mathewson, 15, and Kaitlin Broder, 13, share some laughs while working on their projects.

Katie has been taking pottery classes for two years, Kaitlin for four years, and both enjoy being creative. Art teacher Tamalin Beauchamp gives instruction as Diana Oliver and Angela Madilyn Onofri, 7, decided to embroider her Sanchez, both 7, listen carefully, dad's initials for her project.

Ella Weber, 14, is taking her second year at the camp and finds pottery relaxing. All policies will be canceled effective June 29th, Our agency does not represent this company, so our agents are available to help you quickly secure replacement insurance. Make sure you have coverage!

Please call us today to see if we can help. Town Place Ste St. There are four two-week sessions held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a. For more information on future sessions or events, visit www. Kaitlin Broder, 13, works on her pottery pieces as Jack Vartanian looks on. Vartanian has been teaching at the VAC for seven years. Madison Walter, 7, concen- trates on embroidering her initials on cloth as a Father's Day gift for her dad. OurTown Page 12 C www. Registration begins at 8 a.

Money raised from the event will help with medical expenses for Doyle, 35, the city's wof the Year for She was released S from H. Proceeds also will benefit the family of Newland, 50, who died April 30 after suffering an aortic aneurysm days earlier.

Newland, a year veteran of North Port Fire Rescue, also was retired from the military after a year career with the U. Navy and Navy Reserve. He left behind a 6-year-old son and a year-old stepson. The American Legion will sell coffee and doughnuts at the June 14 ride's staging point, and there will be a benediction ceremo- ny with a full honor guard and bagpipes.

North Port Police and Fire Rescue will escort the ride, with inter- sections blocked off in advance. The ride is ex- pected to end around 3 p. All area motorcyclists are invited to join. For more informa- tion, email kkinder vater northportpd. Please call our Port Charlotte office at and ask if there's still room avail- able. During our June 18 Third Wednesday Coffee, we'll hear an interesting program about how to avoid fraud in your business.

The Coffee runs from 7: The Coffee sponsor is Busey Bank. Please join the class and LC alumni as they celebrate their accom- plishments. It's always a fun night as you catch up with alumni and friends.

Please call to register. You know the drill practice your elevator speech and bring plenty of business cards and a small gift to promote your business. We are looking for hole sponsors and members who would like to promote their business with goodies for the goody bags and prizes for the golfers. Proceeds from the event will support the cham- ber's Junior Leadership Charlotte program.

Early voting for the primary election begins Aug. Candidates will be invited to set up a table with campaign literature, and meet and greet members and guests. Sunday in the Midtown Caf. The menu will feature barbecued chicken, bratwurst, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, apple crisp and ice cream.

Coffee and iced tea are included with the meal, while beer, wine and soft drinks will be available for purchase. Advanced tickets maybe purchased at the Cultural Center information desk, the theater box office, by telephone at , or online at: Commissioners to hold workshop The Charlotte County Commission will hold a workshop at 1 p.

The public is invited to attend, but there will be no public input. Mustang car club to hold show ChuckWhite, president of the Mustang Club of Charlotte County, invites all area Mustang owners to join him and other club members for a car show from 3 p. Mustang owners planning to attend should callWhite at Cars should begin arriving around 2 p. Established in , the Mustang Club of Charlotte County has some 40 members.

The club is very active in the community, participating in parades and neighborhood shows, and supports the local Salvation Army by collecting dona- tions and toys at Christmas. For more infor- mation, call How to Start a Business in Charlotte County from 9 a.

Email her at jmathis charlottecounty chamberorg. We have had at least 10 new patients a month scheduledfor the special and then thanks to the ad, they schedule for subsequent follow up appointments for restorative work than can range from extractions to full cosmetic work-ups. Our account representative, Bibi Gafoor has been our rep for at least 10 years and is a weekly visitor to our office checking in to be sure we are completely satisfied with your service, and we thank her, Thank You for your invaluable service, SDr.

OurTown Page 14 C www. It's more sad to wonder where these creatures would be without the center. Luna, for one, likely wouldn't be alive. The white screech owl is leucistic, which means it is white as snow.

And since we have no snow, Luna has no ability to blend into its surroundings. The wildlife center sees a lot of baby birds this time of year. Some were dropped by predators knocking down nests. Some are blown out of nests during storms. And some, like Luna, are de- serted by their families. About 40 percent of the animals brought into the wildlife center will be rehabbed and released. Others become permanent residents, like Chickie-pants and Luna, along with eagles, pelicans, owls, hawks, tortoises, etc.

The wildlife center also has a great gift shop with T-shirts, stuffed animals, jewelry, books and other items that make for great presents while supporting a good cause.

Those wanting to help the center can adopt an animal or become a member. The wildlife center also has a wish list of items that includes: For the complete list, go to www.

You can email her at cfeinberg sun-herald. There will be crafts, refreshments, limbo and photos with Luna available. The quarter-mile, raised boardwalk takes visitors through mangroves at Ponce de Leon Park.

Page 6 - 10 things to know 1. House majority leader loses primary Tea party challenger Dave Brat wins a stunning upset victory against Rep. Eric Cantor in the 7th District Republican primary contest in Virginia.

Congress moves to address VA delays The House unanimously approves legislation to make it easier for patients enduring lengthy delays for initial visits to get VA-paid treatment from local doctors instead. Shooting shocks Oregon high school A student and the teen gunman are dead after the shooting in a small town. Militants overrun Iran's 2nd-largest city The insurgents seize government buildings in Mosul, push out security forces and capture military vehicles as thousands of residents flee.

Tired truckers in the spotlight The Tracy Morgan crash over the weekend has drawn attention to trucking safety. That amount is equal to more than a halfa year's tax revenue for the entire country. Ebola outbreak kills more in W. Africa At least people have died since the outbreak of the fearsome disease. More people hire pro photographers Weekend outings, vacations, or portraits of beloved pets are getting captured more often by pros behind the cameras.

Hillary understands the'hard life' Hillary Clinton made remarks, during her book tour, about knowing what many Americans in fiscal distress are experiencing.

The deaths were a fresh remind- er that the conflict is nowhere near over for some U. Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said the five American troops were killed Monday "during a security operation in southern Afghanistan.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these fallen," Kirby said in a statement. Earlier, officials had said all five were special operations-qualified troops, but later an official said their exact affiliation was unclear and one or more may have been a conventional soldier working with DEATHS14 AP PHOTO White House principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest speaks to the media during the daily news briefing at the White House in Washington, Tuesday.

Earnest answered questions Including some on the recent soldier deaths in Afghanistan. After the shooting stopped, police spotted the suspect slumped on a toilet in a bathroom at Reynolds High School but couldn't see what was happening with him. Officers used a robot with a camera to investi- gate and discovered the suspect was dead and that he had likely killed himself, Troutdale police spokes- man Sgt.

The victim was identified a year-old freshman Emilio Hoffman, who was "loved by all," police Chief Scott Anderson said at a Tuesday news conference.

A gunman killed a student at the high school east of Portland Tuesday and the shooter is also dead, police said. Briannah Wilson, 21, left, comforts her sister, Trisha Wilson, right, 15, t as students are reunited with family at a shopping center parking lot in A police officer stands guard as students arrived at a shopping center Wood Village, Ore. Tuesday in nearby Troutdale. Cantor is the second- l most powerful member of the U. Congress moves to speed veterans.

The House unanimously approved legislation Tuesday to make it easier for patients enduring lengthy delays for initial visits to get VA-paid treatment from local doctors instead. The Senate was poised to vote on a similar bill within 48 hours, said Democratic leader Harry Reid. Air Force leaders are planning to offer bonus pay to missile force members, fill gaps in their ranks, offer a nucle- ar service medal and put more money into mod- ernizing what in some respects has become a decrepit Minuteman 3 missile force that few airmen want to join and even fewer view as a ca- reer-enhancing mission.

The potential impact of these and other planned changes is unclear. They do not appear to address comprehensively what some see as the core issue: Even so, some analysts are encouraged by these initial Air Force moves. The Air Force is launching an ambitious campaign to repair flaws in its nuclear missile corps, whose recent training failures, security missteps, leadership lapses, morale problems and stunning breakdowns in discipline prompted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to demand action to restore public confidence in the nuclear force.

In January, after visit- ing a Minuteman 3 base, Hagel declared, "We know that something is wrong. Both reviews missed their initial deadlines for completion, and Hagel has said little publicly about it in recent months. The cascade of bad news began in May when The Associated Press revealed that a group of ICBM launch officers at Minot Air Force Base had been stripped of their au- thority following a poor inspection result and other problems.

The AP also disclosed that the deputy operations commander at Minot had complained in an internal email of "rot" in his ranks an assess- ment that aired a range of morale and other behavioral, training, leadership and security problems that later emerged at the ICBM bases in Wyoming and Montana.

In October the two- star general in charge of ICBMs was fired for drunken behavior while on official business in Russia, and in November the AP revealed an unpublished study that found evidence of "burnout" among missile launch officers and cited elevated rates of personal misconduct within the ICBM force.

Safety advocates, federal regulations backed while extending their by the trucking industry sympathies to Morgan a and opposed by safety the family of comedian advocates and the Obama James "Jimmy Mack" administration would McNair, who was killed effectively let drivers put the crash, said they hop in as many as 82 hours a that because a celebrity week behind the wheel, was involved in the The current limit is either accident it will boost thi 60 hours or 70 hours a cause.

A New Jersey highway crash that severely injure Morgan and killed another comedian is drawing attention to the dangers of tired truckers j industry and its allies in Congress are poised to roll back safety rules on drivers'work schedi improvements that we do get or stops any that we're trying to push.

Walmart truck Kevin Roper had no sleep for more 24 hours before hi into the back of M limo bus about 1 Saturday, accord local authorities. Instead, his big rig smashed into the back of Morgan's chauffeured Mercedes limo bus, authorities said. McNair was killed and Morgan, 45, a former "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock" cast member, and two other companions were hospitalized in crit- ical condition. Roper has been charged with death by auto and four counts of assault by auto.

In several accidents investigated by driver the National Transportation had Safety Board, commercial e than drivers suffering from ie plowed lack of sleep have driven Morgan's straight into vehicles clearly a. The remarks came amid a series of interviews and Clinton's book tour throughout which the former secretary of state has dropped hints that she's seriously considering LIC.

She said Republican inquiries over the attack on Americans in Benghazi gave her "more of a reason" to run. In an interview Monday with ABC News, Clinton said she and husband Bill were "dead broke" at the end of his presidency, with legal bills that dwarfed their income.

Republicans pounced, calling her out-of-touch with average Americans who struggle with personal finances. Around 1, people, some of whom slept on the sidewalk the night before, lined up for an autograph and the chance to shake her hand and say hello. The crowd was a politician's dream of young and old, male and female, white and nonwhite. Many wore "Ready for Hillary" buttons or stickers and counted down the hours, then the minutes, until she arrived and briefly told the crowd about her book.

It's tone deaf to blessed in the last average people. The forms still undecided about her allow senators to report political future, Clinton assets in broad ranges. AP A man accused of severely beating and burning his girlfriend's 3-year-old son treated the toddler like an unwanted animal, a prosecutor said Tuesday, but his lawyer said the state's case relies entirely on the word of the boy's lying, abusive mother.

Roland Dow, 28, of Plaistow, faces a dozen charges alleging he assaulted James Nicholson, now 5, failed to get him medical care and instructed him to lie to child welfare workers. He and the boy's mother, Jessica Linscott, are accused of abandoning the child at a hospital in November and fleeing to Florida, where they were arrested two weeks later at the Universal Studios theme park.

Dow's trial began Tuesday in Rockingham County Superior Court, with prosecutor Kirsten Wilson showing jurors a photo of James as a happy, energetic toddler and another depicting his injuries: Before the trial began, fellow prosecutor Pat Conway unsuccess- fully asked the judge to allow testimony alleging that Dow wrapped James in a blanket and restrained him in bed, and then forced him to sleep in the bathtub if he had an accident.

Wilson said Linscott will testify that Dow treated her son "like a pet no one wanted" and that when James, because of his injuries, would "seize up" and hold his body stiffly, Dow would hit him and tell him to stop. Wilson said jurors may dislike Linscott, who will testify that she was a "horrible mom" who should've stopped the abuse, but that they should believe her.

Linscott also told her son to lie to child welfare workers, he said, and then she abandoned him at the hospital and fled. While Linscott initially told police neither she nor Dow hurt the boy she said James hurt his hand falling in the bathroom she changed her tune when told she would not be charged with assault if she implicated Dow, Gleason said.

And after she reached a deal with prosecutors, she admit- ted spanking James, put- ting him in the shower as punishment and shoving him hard enough that he went "flying across the room. Theme parks' visitors dip 3ay Times to lure visitors to of Busch the gate. It announced ie numbers the addition of Falcon's appointing Fury, a foot drop I for main- tower ride, but it was a gn on their year away and still isn't e.

Bay area continues to shatter tourism records, attendance at its top attraction aside from beaches dropped 6 percent last year. That was the steepest decline of any of the top 20 amusement parks in North America and largest annual dip since the recession in Busch Gardens' sister parks also owned by SeaWorld Entertainment didn't fare much better. Visitor traffic at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.

This wasn't part of some industry trend. Attendance at the top U. Universal Studios Orlando led the pack with a 14 percent boost. Disney's Magic Kingdom, the busiest theme park in the world, saw a 6 percent rise, by far its biggest gain in years.

So what's the deal? Brian Sands, co- author of the Global Attractions Attendance Report, blamed it on several factors that affected all the SeaWorld parks. For one, the parks increased their ticket prices to be more in line with Disney and Universal, parks with more elaborately themed, immersive experiences.

Then, some of the parks got hit with bad weather during peak times. Of course, there was stiff competition. In , Disney continued rolling out Fantasyland, its biggest expansion in the park's year his- tory. Universal Studios Orlando debuted the Transformers 3D ride. Even SeaWorld Orlando, with its new Antarctica section and penguin habitat, struggled to keep up. They are just modestly charismatic," Sands said. The contro- versial documentary movie about killer whales in captivity prompted celebrity boycotts of SeaWorld parks, including Busch Gardens, even though it doesn't have whales.

SeaWorld officials have said the movie, while it drew a lot of media attention, didn't have a huge impact on the bottom line. Sands, who co-wrote the atten- dance report, agrees. WFLA reports that 8-year-old Lexi Antorino has lived in a semi- coma since the accident happened in The Palmetto girl was only 2 when the swing set came crashing down on her. The community has rallied around the family over the years. Her family had no health insurance. Lexi was playing on a swing set at a neighbor- hood civic association when it collapsed.

The top bar landed on the girl crushing her head and neck. A neighbor used CPR to revive her but the trauma and blood loss left Lexi struggling to breathe and unable to communicate. The Jacksonville judge on Tuesday set a hearing for Aug.

Circuit Judge James Daniel also set a new tentative date of Dec. Alexander, 33, was convicted in May of three counts of ag- gravated assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 20 years in prison under the state's minimum mandatory requirements, sparking an uproar from several observers and domestic violence activist groups.

Alexander says she acted in self-defense after her estranged husband beat her. The warning shots were fired near her husband and his two children. The verdict was thrown out on appeal and a new trial was scheduled for July 28, but Alexander's attorneys requested she get a second stand your ground hearing ahead of the trial. Her attorneys also asked the judge to take into consideration new state legislation that would allow a person to fire warning shots if threatened.

The legisla- tion will become law if Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill. Another judge ruled against Alexander in an earlier stand your ground hearing, leading to her trial and eventual convic- tion. Alexander's attor- neys say they have new evidence that might have affected the outcome of the first hearing.

Daniel said a second stand your ground hearing is unprecedented in Florida. Authorities say the suspect was also shot multiple times, leaving him in critical condition. Jeff Gary confronted the suspect Tuesday morning.

The man shot at the officers. Gross says the officers shot back at the man. He was hit multiple times and was also taken to the hospital. Police say the man was carrying four handguns at the time.

Officials say the fire in western Broward County was sparked by a light- ning strike on Sunday afternoon. By Monday morning, smoke and ash was heavy across the western suburbs of Fort Lauderdale and Miami and even made its way east, to Biscayne Bay. The fire forced the Florida Highway Patrol to close U.

The Miami Herald reports forestry officials say a combination of variable winds and low dispersion meaning the smoke stays low to the ground caused the haziness. A sea breeze from the east later Monday helped push much of the smoke out of South Florida.

Bill Young VA Medical Center is one of eight facilities in the region requiring further review as the result of a nationwide audit of Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers. Systemwide, auditors found a host of concerns, including a complicated scheduling process and wait times. The Tampa Tribune reports that the review does not specifically say why the Young center, or any of the others, was identified for further scrutiny.

The audit found that as of May 14, new patients at the Young center waited an average Police said Medina then turned the gun on himself. Detectives released two notes left in the family's home by Sonny Medina. Before shooting himself, Medina called and told a dispatch- er that he had "failed at everything" and that "there are a lot of people here who are hurt or dead" in the home.

Farag has f brought state of the l rt Dentistry to Port l Charlotte at an affordable price. Mold Inspection value I 6 -. Licensed and insured for your pr otection.

The table and six matching transparent chairs sit in a secret chamber on an upper story of the Tax Ministry in Kiev. The deaths occurred during a joint operation of Afghan and NATO forces in the Arghandab district of southern Zabul province ahead of Saturday's presidential runoff election, said provincial police chief Gen. Authorities have tentatively identified the gunman but his name is being withheld until his family is notified, Anderson said.

The teacher's injuries weren't life-threatening, and he was treated at the scene. He was identi- fied as Todd Rispler, a year-old physical education instructor and former track coach and quarterback at the school. Anderson said Rispler went to the office and initiated the school lockdown procedure. The attack panicked students after a lock- down was ordered and they were told to go quietly to their classrooms.

Brat had been a thorn in Cantor's side on the campaign, casting the congressman as a Washington insider who isn't conservative enough. Last month, a feisty crowd of Brat supporters booed Cantor in front of his family at a local party convention.

Deputy Tax Minister Ihor Bilous, the coun- try's new tax boss, says his predecessor was in on the scam, helping to organize a wide network of phantom firms in return for a cut of the cash. The crimi- nals, he says, operated he said. There was no way to independently confirm Rooghlawanay's com- ments. However, special oper- ations forces often come under fire on joint opera- tions and are responsible for calling in air support when needed.

Because of constraints placed by with impunity. Nobody was checking," Bilous told The Associated Press in a recent inter- view. Airstrikes have long caused tensions between the Afghan government and coalition forces, es- pecially when they cause civilian casualties. Airstrikes that kill coalition soldiers are far less common. One of the worst such incidents came in April , when four Canadian soldiers were killed by an American F jet fighter that dropped a bomb on a group of troops during a night firing exercise charges of corruption that his office opened last year.

But documents reviewed by the AP - including tax records, a list of alleged phantom companies drawn up by a Ukrainian anti-corruption group, and data from the business in southern Kandahar.

Record Information