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I have always taken on the "challenge". I love to fight and sometimes you fight when you can. In boxing, I have taken on competition that was near or equal to my time in the ring. Ali had the experience and I did not care. I still do not care and I would fight her again. I could have waited and fought more, but I did not. This was something I really wanted to do and I did it. Unfortunately it did not work out the way I wanted but it is just a minor setback.

More ring time - that's all. I will get my chance to fight for a title again. I do not have some new found respect for Laila. I did not respect her before and I still do not. I did not like her before and I still do not. She debases the sport and that is why so many do not like her. Hearing her speak is like hearing nails scratch a chalkboard.

She loves to hear herself cackle - that is very evident. At the press conference, I sat two seats away from Mike Tyson on his right side. If Mike Tyson is sick of hearing you speak, I think that says something So, I have gotten hundreds of emails leading up to this fight and after this fight. The ones that are not are funny if anything. Me and my friends were reading some of them literally laughing our butts off. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - it's just funny the time that some people take outta their lives to actually sit down at a computer and write how much they "hate" you.

How much you "suck" at boxing. How "bad" they think you did. How much they "never want to see you fight again". How much they "think you should stick to MMA". Too bad for them things like that only make me stronger. I am hardly concerned what all the backseat drivers have to say. It's always the ones who have never and will never fight that have the most to say. But that is life. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. One of the greatest male fighters of all times, Kosta Tyszu, lost to Ricky Hatton the week before my fight.

He was beaten in almost every round and then did not come out for the 11th round. Now he is a "quitter" and a "has been" and he "sucks" and he looked "old".

What I do know about sports is that you are only as good as your last outing. People will say what they want. And believe me, they WILL say what they want People will say good things about me and they will say horrible things about me. But I am the one getting in there - not them. One thing I found extremely funny was how Laila went on and on and ON mostly about herself, but also about how when I lose to her it will "break my heart".

The only thing that "breaks my heart" is that I don't have the chance to break both of her arms. It did not "break" anything in me losing to her. I knew going into that fight that everything was stacked against me. A lot of people said I needed more fights. But just as many people thought I did not. What matters is what I thought and I was ready and willing to fight. I knew that this would be a real challenge. There were 16, people in that arena chanting for Ali and Tyson.

Those are the chances you choose to take. You get in there and do what most people can only dream of doing. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. Hey, and that was me! I have come into boxing wanting to better myself as a fighter and wanting to fight the best, I can say that.

I will continue to fight and fight until I reach my goal. I went into this fight willing to take a shortcut to the top.

We wanted to reach it this year - not next year or the year after. Would it have been nice to have that "shortcut" work? But now, we will go back to the beginning and take that longer route. We will climb that ladder again and again till we reach the top. This "goal" is something you can do.

His words were, "You are still a baby in the sport. Laila is in her prime.

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