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Well, I don't know you, so it's hard to tell. Your application should play like a human you don't want to be caught, right? To summarize, if you want to imitate human mouse movement you have to consider these aspects:. Blackjack bot, though it is a cheating device, can be very helpful for game beginners. I would appreciate if anybody could guide me into this. So I might not be anywhere near to be qualified to say something. Especially if you play with a BJ-bot.

Can Blackjack Bots Beat Casinos Every Time?

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D'oh, I guess I didn't really think that through. I will keep brainstorming though. It just seems like given all this technology I have access to, there has to be a way to make money short of, you know, getting a high-paying job. I have some projects for you if you're a programer. PM me because i couldn't PM u. Dipsy , Sep 14, MangoJ , Feb 5, Using a bot in online casino has many advantages, which ARE tempting to pursue: There was least one game in a reputable online casino that could be beaten by this - but now they changed their playing rules slightly.

So keep your head up. You won't make much money, but since you're not spending your time for it, it's still a money printing machine. And when you found a better game - sell your bot. MangoJ , Feb 8, On a game say the average cards per hand is 2. You cannot use any type of spread, because the count is lost each hand. So all you have are indices to use. There is a thread that started not so long ago that was talking about just using indices and no spread and the edge from that.

What the best to do would be to control the whole table with the largest bet on the last hand might be wrong. I say last hand because this hand will have the highest TC know when it comes time to play that hand then compared to all the other hands, and there the indices played will be stronger and you can play more indices. So i guess you would be spreading, but in a different sense. Indices are only applicable to counting systems. And that by just knowing cards. If one interpolates to a 3-hand play one knows cards on the third hand, and may get an EV gain of 0.

Further, with 3-hand one gains 0. I believe an overall edge of 0. I have exactly zero experience with counting systems, just read the theory once or twice.

So I might not be anywhere near to be qualified to say something. My apologies to any confusion. All I was saying was that a 1-fold counting system i.

That's ok, you're right. A single number cannot accurately reflect deck composition. I was meaning that the program would keep a running count for each card value. Short work for a computer really, but impossible for humans, likely even Rain Man Rain Man BTW, is a movie character in the movie "Rain Man" where Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic person with extraordinary math skills. His brother used him to help him count cards, and I think I remember that he could even know how many of each cards were left in six deck shoe Once the game's been dealt, you can reply to BlackjackBot with "hit" or "stay.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Thanks for the feedback! I noticed the mobile issues too. It looks like none of the markup is rendered correctly on mobile. Mind me asking what you thought was clunky on desktop?

Maybe I should write in an option to turn off the styling? It takes up three lines of space. It's cute, for sure. But I found myself searching on the screen to see what my total was. Is there any way you could make card counting work with this? Otherwise, the highest scoring players will, in the long run, be those who didn't play. Probably a better question for the community -- I'm not much of a player myself. I assume to make that work the deck would have to be persistent from hand to hand instead of reshuffled with each deal.

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