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The car chase scenes are almost the same and the camerawork, while amazing, is almost the same. And I never realised how important seatbelts were until Bourne ducked under his wheel, wrapped the seatbelt around himself, went sliding across a central reservation and crashed his car, leaving it a complete wreck, and managed to walk away with a slight limp.

Bourne's opponent who isn't named except for the credits looks like he needs some serious surgery to save his life, yet later on we see him looking healthier than ever.

Let's move onto the fighting which was another large gripe of mine. I have been watching action films and fighting films in particular for years, and one thing I think is key, is that the audience should be able to see and to appreciate the moves being performed. Not have the camera so close and moving so fast that the only thing you see are the motions of the arms or body flying about.

In the first Bourne film there was at least some wide shots when he took people out. Not so on this one, and while I appreciate the fact that the camerawork was meant to showcase the fighting being realistic, as well as the real speed of the moves, for me at least, this detracted from my enjoyment of the fights.

Krav Maga, Kali and Escrima contain some really visual and effective moves, and these were pretty much lost on screen during the fight scenes. Speaking of the camera work, did the director not have enough money to have any steady cams? I know this was the style of Bourne 2 handhelds and it gives it a kind of gritty realistic edge, but doing it throughout the whole film except on pan shots??

Come on, give the audience a break! It worked on Saving Private Ryan for the battle scenes, but in scenes where Pamela Landy is talking to people around a desk? Does the camera really need to be moving for that? And I actually managed to fall asleep throughout the film which is something that I rarely do, even when I'm really really tired.

The scene where I dozed wasn't that stimulating for me as I think it was too drawn out. Julia Stiles is being chased in the crowd by another agent, Desh and Bourne is looking for her. Still in the crowd. Dozed, woke up, moved along a little bit, Bourne is still faffing on a roof. Still in the crowd, how useless is this Desh anyway? She's in a building now! Admittedly what followed was a brilliant stunt and camera track where Bourne jumps through the window which was also done in Die Hard 4 btw , but the whole scene took far too long.

The suspense was gone for me. As it was throughout most of the film. Ok, I haven't read the books but the first film had some tension in Bourne finding out who he was.

The whole amnesia thing was a nice setup although him running around, taking out people, trained to kill in an instant, and the ability to infiltrate every building didn't give him a clue as to his identity - who did he think he was, a milkman? But in this film, he's still searching for the truth and by this point I was quite frankly bored.

Maybe back in the 60s a covert CIA group who took it upon themselves to police the nation for the sake of national security would be a big scandal, raise tons of eyebrows and have the cinema going public mesmerised in it's brilliance. But in this day and age, that premise has become fairly standard.

In fact if we were to discover that these sorts of teams didn't exist, that would garner real incredulity. We have become a world obsessed by conspiracy theories and secret covert groups with their missions. So the whole Blackbriar thing did absolutely nothing for me in terms of plot. I mean, there was the twist that Bourne volunteered himself, and that the agency used Americans to kill Americans, but this isn't scandalous anymore.

Hell, if the US government wanted this kind of policing of citizens, they could just hire mercenaries anyway. Or let the NSA take care of it. There are some really cool bits, the infiltration of the office is one and there are a few others. But for the film to work, you have to be invested in Bourne's search for answers, his pain over what he's done and his desire to put things right.

I wasn't invested in any of this and speaking to people afterwards, all they seemed to care about was the fact that the action was "cool". But even in this instance I preferred the first one where we get to see Bourne actually infiltrating places, as opposed to walking straight into CIA training centres without a care in the world. And Bourne's opponents all seemed to be no match for him, so I was wondering who trains them? Maybe they spend too long in hotel rooms with their satchels before they get to go on real assignments.

Then again, we didn't hear too much from Bourne himself and I think Matt Damon's script must have spanned a whole 7 pages. I wanted to hear him say the line "Jason Bourne is loose in New York people, lets lock down Manhattan! So I ask again, what's really so great about Bourne 3?

The action was the same as 2, the plot was never going to have a satisfactory resolution, and there was quite a lot of dizzying handheld shots. On the other hand, getting onto Rush Hour 3, I knew going in the film was going to be fairly pants so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it's probably a bit pants but not a complete stinker. Jackie is always amusing to watch and hearing him sing in English was like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Stick to the Cantonese Jackie.

The stunts were over the top, but then again, Jackie's getting old so wire work is to be expected. Some of the fighting was good and at least it was filmed in a way that I could figure out what was going on.

The plot was pretty ridiculous but for me, this film was saved purely from the fact that Brett Ratner allows Chris Tucker to run his mouth. The jokes weren't the creme de la creme of stand up but they were funny enough to make me smile most of the time and laugh to one or two.

And call me a sell out, but we all know where the ending was going, unlike Bourne where we have no idea what the character is going to do next. Admittedly, Rush Hour 3 seems to have "borrowed" a lot of scenes from other movies Enter the Dragon, the Godfather and Star Wars to name a few but Chan and Tucker work much better together than Chan and Wilson, for me at least. The charm in this film is that Tucker thinks of himself as part Chinese and Jackie thinks he's a bit more street so the pairing works well.

I've droned on a fair bit, and never really discussed Rush Hour 3 in detail, but I hope you can understand that while I don't think Bourne 3 is a bad film, I certainly don't think it's "so amazing".

Good solid action, yes, but not much more to back it up, and at least Rush Hour 3 had some comedy in it the interrogation scene in particular. I still prefer Bourne 1 and would definitely class Bourne 3 in the "not as good as the original" category. Rush Hour 3 was always going to be there as well, it's just I think some people have had their eyes blinded by popular opinion when it comes to Jason Bourne. I'm not saying I'm here to set the record straight, but try and analyse the film once in a while.

We've reviewed Bourne 3 the game and it's mirrored my experience of watching the film. We are about to review Rush Hour 3 and I actually hope that it follows the same pattern. I could do with a lightweight and fun game where I know what I'm going to get.

So I'll close with one last opinion ok, two as I couldn't resist. I think Jack Bauer could take Jason Bourne. And if you want to see a really great Bourne movie where you actually feel for the character, go watch the legendary Richard Chamberlain in the TV movie called the Bourne Identity.

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