Maryland casinos allowed to boost their advantage by lowering blackjack payouts

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Players may examine their own cards. The Player uses their 2 cards plus the 3 cards on the horizontal line of the cross to form an Across hand and uses their 2 cards plus the 3 cards on the vertical line of the cross to form a Down hand.

Winning Across and Down hands are paid per the paytable. The Middle bet is paid if either the Across or Down bet qualify as a win and is paid at the odds of the highest ranking hand. If both the Across bet and Down bet push the Middle bet also is a push. The Middle bet only loses if both the Across and Down bets lose. The 2 ante bets are paid even money on qualifying hands for their respective hand. A qualifying hand is defined as any of the paying bets pair of Jacks or Better.

Table minimums are posted at each roulette table. Initially, the player and the dealer each receive two cards. The dealer exposes one card up card and the unexposed card hole card is tucked under the exposed card. If a player or the dealer is dealt a Blackjack, it is an automatic winner. The player blackjack is paid immediately see table layout for odds unless the dealer also receives a Blackjack, which would result in a tie or push.

Players may take additional cards hits to improve their two-card hand, with the objective being to get as close to 21 without going over. The dealer stands on totals of hard 17 and above some games dealer stands on soft Mini Baccarat is played with eight decks of cards.

This bonus wager is optional. The Dragon Bonus wins when the point spread between the Player hand and the Banker hand is 4 or greater, or there is a natural winner present. The bet pushes when the Player and Banker hands end in a natural tie, and lose in any other instance of a tie hand. Once the player receives their 2 cards, they now have an option: They can either check do nothing or they can bet.

The Play and Ante wagers will be paid even if the player wins against the dealer. These bets will all lose if the dealer wins the hand. Place your bet before the Big Six wheel is spun. When all bets are placed the dealer grasp one side of the wheel he then makes a strong pull and pushes down ward. The wheel must make at least 3 rotations before slowly grinding to a stop. The marked number the indicator points to when the wheel stops is the winning number and payoff amount.

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Casino Player Awards Live! Super 4 Blackjack Progressive Players now have the exciting option of placing a super 4 progressive blackjack wager! Horseshoe also has incorporated payout tables on its casino floor. Maryland Live and Hollywood Casino Perryville officials said they aren't going with lower payouts that their regulars might shun. Rob Norton, president of Maryland Live, noted that while the casino retains its advantage on the blackjack tables, it's a "better deal" for the player. Lower-payout tables wouldn't be a good fit at Hollywood Casino Perryville because "as a smaller casino with a population that comes in on a daily basis, you would be alienating more folks than not," said general manager Matthew Heiskell.

The state has taken other steps in recent years to provide casinos the regulatory leeway to increase their house advantage. Casinos make much of their money because of a built-in advantage tied to the odds. Last year, regulators reduced the required average annual payouts to players from slot machines and approved a request from casinos to allow blackjack dealers to draw a card on a hand known as a "soft In blackjack, players try to score higher than the dealer without going over Until the rule was changed, dealers at Maryland casinos had to stand pat on all 17s.

Now casinos have the option — although they don't all use it — of "hitting" on a soft 17, which is a hand adding up to 17 including an ace, which can be counted as a 1 or an The rule change came after casinos told the state the shift would "increase the house advantage, which will increase revenue, tax dollars and make us comparable with other markets," according to a memorandum obtained by The Baltimore Sun through a Maryland Public Information Act request.

The payout adds about 1. While casinos may have more options for game rules, gaming control agency spokeswoman Carole Gentry dismissed the notion that Maryland casinos have become less player-friendly. Slot machine payouts are an example, Gentry said. While the average annual payout for machines on a casino floor must be at least 87 percent, she said the latest quarterly floor average was about 4 percent over that minimum — at 91 percent — because casinos don't want to alienate guests with tight machines.

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