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You will see Pizza, Fizzy Drinks, Popcorn: There will also be 3 pairs of players, and there will be also 3 game designs for Yahtzee. These are designs that were used for the game in different periods of its history. You will have a special symbol, the Wild, in the game. That is the Firework symbol. It can only appear on reels 2 to 5. You will also see a bonus symbol, which is formed by 5 dice around a cup. That bonus symbol can also come up on reel 5. There, too, you will see Roll symbols, which are Scatters.

You see these items and rules for playing Yahtzee are simple, but wait until you see what is in store to make you interested and motivated to play on.

We already mentioned that in real board game playing Yahtzee occurs when you get 5 of a kind. Similarly in the game 5 Rolls on consecutive reels, starting from the left to the right, will activate your bonus feature: The setting in the bonus feature will be that of a room with a table crowded with players, and it will be your turn to see what you can get with the roll of the dice.

Besides the jackpot, there are other smaller but very rewarding wins in the bonus too. You can win multipliers which can change your wins for much better. For the multiplier, you will see two dice rolled to show what number they will stop at, and then the numbers of the two dice will be added together, to form your multiplier.

If you are thrilled at the prospect of grabbing the jackpot, you must wager the maximum, in order to be entitled to it.

If you get a Yahtzee, and then another Yahtzee in the consecutive roll, you will grab the exciting jackpot, rightfully called Back-to-Back.

The design of the game will make you feel like in a family or friendly setting, with people casually relaxing around. You will also be able to unwind in their company, and together with you your virtual company will experience the emotions of the game. Once they score in a category, it is closed in the entire game and they do not have a chance to make any changes to it.

This game consists of 13 rounds. In every round you need to roll the dice and score the role in one of the 13 categories. You must score once in every category that means at the end of the game you need to settle for scoring zero in specific categories. This score is determined by a different rule for every category. The objective of the game is to maximize the total score and this game ends once all these 13 categories have been scored. The rules and the scoring categories are different for the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish versions.

For the Two Pair Category the pairs have to be distinct, there are four-of-a-kind counts used only for One Pair for two of the four dice that are having the same face. Thanks to the Internet you are now able to play the popular board game of Yahtzee online. There are many online gaming websites that host the game and you get the excitement of playing the traditional game and winning the maximum number of points with success. You have to visit the game website and register in order to start playing on the internet.

There are many to opt for and most of them are free!

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