The History of Casino Games

Read some of the game reviews you find on this site. In , Edward Thorp published his book Beat The Dealer, which first taught the gambling public the art of card counting. Even a version of the " Spanish deck " was used, as the 8, 9, and 10 cards were removed from the deck only the 10s are removed from Spanish decks these days. Roulette is offered in both European and American for example and blackjack can be found in a wide variety of styles each offering you different angles on the game and different pay tables. Each Casino reserves the right to cancel or change promotions at any time.

Early Changes to Slot Technology

The History of Slot Machines

The advancements in software have allowed game developers to create slot games that include animations, unlimited pay lines and multiple new game features that have taken slots to a new level. Game features are a large attraction for many people as they offer the chance at large rewards. Some features you will find today include free spins, multiple level bonus games, rolling wilds, sticky wilds, random bonus games that can turn multiple reels wild and more.

The list of common game features increases almost monthly it seems at game developers compete for the next best thing. That competition is great for those who play the slots and is something to keep a watch out for as well.

Video Poker is the next most popular game found at online casinos. This is the category that you will find the next largest selection of games. It will include multiple variations of the game, each offering different pay tables and game strategy that is used to play.

Most online gaming software will offer single hand video poker and multi-hand video poker including 50 hand and hand versions. Video Poker is similar to table games in such a way that the player has a greater control on the outcome of each hand, which those who play the game find most appealing.

Table games also have a strong appeal to many who play online. The game list of table games is broad and includes such games as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, sic-bo and craps. For the most part you will be able to play many versions of each game. Roulette is offered in both European and American for example and blackjack can be found in a wide variety of styles each offering you different angles on the game and different pay tables.

Real money blackjack and Roulette are the most popular of the table games you will come across. The more experienced or discerning player will be driven towards games that require a higher degree of strategy in order to increase the percentage of wins or advantage they may gain against the casino.

Progressive games have always remained high on the list. Online progressive slots can do this with some jackpots exceed millions of dollars. Progressive slots are generally operated under as network games. This means that thousands of players are contributing to the jackpot so it is easy to see how with millions of players online, that this amount can quickly become a substantial amount. If you are new to online gambling you will find that the game quality is impressive. As you begin to play online casino games you will find overall the amount you win and the size of some wins is much better than you have experienced in the past.

Read some of the game reviews you find on this site. As you view the pictures we have provided for you it will become clear that the quality these games offer is as we claim. How profitable is this type of gambling? The history of slot machines is all about innovation. The first game that gamblers would recognize as a slot machine was produced in Invented as an entertainment for frontier saloons, Liberty Bell would be instantly-recognizable to anyone who has ever fed change into a one-armed bandit.

Those early machines were based on the rules and card values of poker, with symbols identical to numbers and symbols on cards. The design was entirely mechanical, no electricity or computer chips involved, and the games were made up of five reels each of which contained a further ten card symbols. In , inventor Charles Fey started producing Liberty Bell games, recognized now as the first slot machines.

Liberty Bell had three reels with symbols more familiar to modern gamblers — fruit, playing card icons, and the most valuable symbol, the cracked Liberty Bell. The reaction must have been intense and immediate, because Charles Fey quit his job within two weeks of the first Liberty Bell so he could do nothing but make more games and expand the size of his business. The heavy mechanical slots of the early 20th century were wide open to manipulation by gamblers. Clearly, changes were needed if slots were going to continue to make money for their operators.

In the first machines with electronic micro-processor parts hit the market.

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