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The library moved around to different spots from till , when the current building was opened in , and it was named for J. Sensors and Measurements' free OpenCourseWare will learn about the Online calculators are a great way to save time, avoid errors and check any number crunching that you do by hand. Its Romanesque Revival architecture still holds a special place in the hearts of alumni. The library was specifically created to house the University Archaeological Collection.

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Popular Articles Computer Teacher Careers: Diploma Summary Applied Science Degrees: At that time, it was separate building of the University and quickly became the center of the academic community, becoming the focus point. Located in the area know as the Quadrangle, at the center of the university. Remodeling the library became part of The LEED program, which was established by the United States Green Building in the cause of environmentally friendly technologies combined with building design.

Library was erected between — The library opened upon completion in and were the primary teaching and research library for humanities, social sciences, and fine arts at the University. The library was named after John D. There have been three renovations in the years of , , and , which added two rooms and a lab. At the Rebecca Crown Library, built in , features Main Collection that consist of over , books.

The Crown Library also offers access to the I-Share Collection, which consists of almost 13, titles. It also has over , more types of materials in various formats, roomy reading areas, and a fully equipped learning resource center.

The Rush Rhees Library is the main academic library on campus and is the flagship over the River Campus Libraries, which has about 2. Named after Benjamin Rush Rhees, construction on the library took three years to complete with a major addition being completed in The new addition consists of adding the main computer lab, additional stacks, and office space.

It also has some cozy reading areas. The college has 51, volumes and has quite a few Artwork Exhibits from students throughout the year. Brigham Young University is the largest religious college and the third-largest private university in the United States. The receiving area inside the Harold B.

Lee Library is constructed entirely of glass. It has around ninety-eight miles of shelving for more than 6 million items, which contains various collections. The library can seat 4, people and has over 10, patrons entering it every day. The Gleeson Library was built in Named in memory of Reverend Richard A. Gleeson, in recognition for his twenty-five years of dedicated service to the University and citizens of San Francisco at the St.

Ignatius Church, spiritual counselor, and friend to the poor. Atrium opened in September , which Dr. Geschke, a University of San Francisco trustee, and his wife, took the role of leadership in the funding of the center. Monihan was a beloved member of the Jesuit Community, who dedicated his life to enhancing the services at the library. The library was constructed in and was originally named Fisher Ames Baker. It was designed by architect Robert Venturi and was opened in but not finished until The original library held over , volumes and now the combined libraries hold over 2 million volumes.

This historic library opened in and has served as an intellectual center and cultural treasure for generations to the students, faculty and staff. Created as a memorial to Edward L. It is still one of the universities most famous and traditional academic buildings on campus.

It contains multiple collections including and an Asian Library that has reference and current periodicals in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. The facility opened in and is based on elements derived from Native American basket weaving.

AC Martin and Partners designed the library, which contains 1. It has the largest installation of compact shelving, on one floor, in the United States, which amounts to over twenty miles. It also is considered to have the largest Collection of Stained Glass on a college campus. The Theodore Hesburgh Library the building of the library system and opened on September 18, The library contains 3. The side of the library faces the football stadium and has an enormous mural of the Resurrected Jesus, which can be seen from the stadium.

Now, since the stadium expansion, Jesus is partially obscured from view of the stadium. It was originally named South Hall, being renamed the Nicholas Murray Butler Library in , in memory of the president of the university. It features an arcade of columns with inscribed names of great writer, philosophers, and thinkers. The library opened in and is a research library that specializes in American History and Literature, including the history of Virginia and southern United States, history of the University of Virginia, and Thomas Jefferson.

Albert Small, an alumni of the University, donated a large personal collection of autographed documents and early printings of the Declaration of Independence. In this collection, there is also the only letter written, on July 4, by a signer of the Declaration Of Independence, Ceasar Rodney.

It also has the Tracy W. McGregor Collection of American History. Love Library It is commonly referred to as the Love Library. Opening in and constructed in a circular shape, the Love Library holds an appropriate place at the center of campus. The library is over , square feet, and seats more than 3, people.

As of , it circulates more than , books a year and has more than 2. This library was built in and has an increasing number of resources for instructional, research, and general information. The collections include materials in a variety of formats. There is a membership fee associated with the facility but you have access to 26 million items at thirty-three member academic libraries in Oregon and Washington. This library opened in and is the largest library of the University, which is also the center of administration.

It is the flagship of 6. It also has over computer stations, study capacity of 1,, Collections, themed rooms, and specialized technology stations for students. Williard Marriott Library It is the central academic library for the University. The library moved around to different spots from till , when the current building was opened in , and it was named for J.

Willard Marriott, founder of Marriott International, in It is more than , square feet and consists of over 3 million volumes and Special Collections.

The materials at this library are available to everybody, no matter their status. The Parks Library was opened in and has had three renovations in , , and It was named and dedicated for W.

The collections include 2. This Library is the central library of the seven libraries on the Vasser College campus and was opened in The architectural style of this amazing facility grabs the attention of onlookers. The Perpendicular Gothic style is rare when it comes to on-campus libraries. It consists of around 1 million volumes, and 7, serial, periodicals, and newspaper titles. It also has an extensive collection of microfilm and microfiche. The Powell Library on the UCLA campus was built from till and one of the original four university buildings.

Its Romanesque Revival architecture still holds a special place in the hearts of alumni. The Powell Library, also known as the College Library and is the main college undergraduate library. Not only is it of historical value but it is also popular with the students. It consists of over 9 million books and 70, serials.

The Smathers Library was originally named Library East when it was opened in and is located in the Northeastern part of the university and in the middle of the Campus Historic District. When it was originally built, it was the largest building on campus, and its architectural design is Collegiate Gothic. The material available to students consists f 5. The building was named for William Travers Jerome, in , who was the sixth president of the University.

It is nine levels and is a , square foot building and offers an excellent learning area for the students and faculty. While the library is, a mainstay for campus studying the facility is also open to the public. The facility, which opened in is considered the center of the Harvard Libraries. It is named after Harry Elkins Widener, a book collector, who graduated from Harvard in and then died on the Titanic in It was after this his mother had the library constructed.

In the heart of the building is the Widener Memorial Rooms, which holds the Collection. In this collection, which was later added, was the perfect Gutenberg Bible, the object, that was the reason for the burglary, which is thought to have been inspired by the film, Topkapi.

It also holds one of the most comprehensive research collections in the humanities and social sciences. Also, it has ten levels and fifty-seven miles of shelves. The Klarchek Information university library that was built in offers a lake-side view and with the joint project of the University Libraries and Information Technology Services. The facility provides space for both conferences and group studies. It offers high-speed internet, including wireless and comfortable areas for studying, serious work, reading, and relaxing.

Durham, North Carolina Opened: It has a significant Collection of Confederate Imprints, which consists of , photos that document rural conditions, urban communities, and the domestic side of the Civil War. The Perkins Library is also home to thousands of documents that fall under the David M. These documents are often touted as some of the most rare pieces to an on-campus collection. University Library is one of nine library branches of Michigan State University, which opened in Best known for its Africana Collection, containing over , items, this collection is one of the largest of its kind in the nation.

Another of the most extensive collections this library holds is the Robert Vincent Voice Library, containing over 40, house of spoken recordings of over , people. Two other collections here is the Russel B. Thie Hargrett Library opened in and were a leading repository of Georgian history and culture.

The library currently holds over , volumes in its rare books and Georgian Collection. The University also emphasizes the performing arts and natural history. Some of the dates, of some of the items, are from the 15th Century till now. Langsam Library is the largest and the main library out of fourteen libraries in the University of Cincinnati Library System.

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