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Between Second and Third Streets. Would you like a salad? But you will never find any berries or vegetables in the garden. You need a rucksack where you put some clothes for a day or more. Bakit panalo ka sa amin?

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In fact, there are many additional games that can only be found online that you will not find at a brick and mortar casino. Many casinos also offer up live dealer versions of their games, which end up offering you a land casino experience from the comfort of your own home! Table game bonuses are pretty rare, as many casinos are attempting to make sure that advantage players do not cheat the casino. With that being said, there are occasional bonuses you will find, and if you play your cards correctly pun intended , you will have a great chance of winning some money.

Nearly all casinos offer signup bonuses, though the clearance rate changes from game to game. For example playthrough on blackjack will likely be a lot higher than that on slots. Comparing table games to slots is a difficult task, as they are completely different styles of games.

We would say that there are some definite advantages to playing table games. The first of these is that the House edge is much lower for table games compared to video slots odds , meaning that if you stick to basic strategies, you can oftentimes walk away further ahead than if you were playing slots. Online table games also offer up a bunch of variations that bring a different wrinkle to your gameplay. With slots you can generally only hit the spin button and hope for the best. Yes, online table games are very safe.

Online casinos utilize the best technologies to ensure that user data is safe and the games are fair. Players should look at and understand the technology they are using to play games with, and rest assured that all of the data they put forth is safe. There are dozens of great online casinos to play online table games at!

In fact, you'll find many reputable online casinos and mobile casino sites listed throughout our website that you're sure to love. Are you looking to play some free versions of online table games?

If so, then you should definitely check out the free table games featured above. We have games such as blackjack, craps, roulette and many others that you can play right here on our website for free with no download or registration required.

Table games are where many of the real casino game players go to test their strategy and luck. Online versions of these games have been made available by some of the best developers in the world, and players can find all of the same games that they play at land casinos, and even some versions that they cannot find in a brick and mortar establishment. Players can play dozens of great free table games on our site, and we recommend that players end up testing their skills before heading over to an online casino to play the games for real money.

View Grid view List view. Astro Roulette Astro Roulette. Blackjack Switch Blackjack Switch. Buster Blackjack Buster Blackjack. Cajun Stud Cajun Stud.

Casino Hold'em Casino Hold'em. Casino War Casino War. Chinese Roulette Chinese Roulette. Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal Blackjack. Deal or No Deal Roulette. Double Bonus Spin Roulette. Emperor's Challenge Pai Gow Poker. Just give me some directions. Have you got a pen and a paper? So how do I get to your house from here? Well, take bus 45 to King Street, then come out of the bus station into King Street and turn left.

Turn left into King Street. Go along King Street. Go over the bridge and past a pub called Red Lion to the traffic lights. Go straight on, past a pub to the traffic lights. Turn right at the traffic lights into Station Road. Right at the traffic lights. Go along Station Road until you come to Broad Lane. You turn right into Broad Lane and walk along for about yards.

Then you will see a small road on the right cal led Riverside. So I turn right into Riverside? Turn right into Riverside and walk to the end of the road. My house is on the left. How far is it from the bus station? Well, see you soon. Do you know where I con find a good Chinese food restaurant? Places on the map: Hez Department Store 6.

Use conversational situations in pictures for exercise 2 lesson 15 and the map to make up your own dialogues. She has been in London. She has also visited We use the Present Perfect tense form to speak about present results of the past actions.

I have already finished my test. I was working on it for some time. Now it is completed. At last you have cleaned your room. We usually use already, just, finally, at last in such situations. We use yet at the end of the negative sentence. I have not finished my test yet. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect tense form. Now I can watch TV. Parker travels to Washington, D. He hopes he will get the chance to meet them soon. Complete the situations with your own sentences. Use the ideas in brackets.

Now they are husband and wife. Now it is dirty and untidy. Now it is short. Now you will not find him in the streets of this city. This year she studies at the university.

Now you can see his father driving a brand new Mercedes. Find as many words as you can in the chain of letters given below. Make up three sentences with the words. Complete them with the words from the box. Role-play them with your partner. I am for the Caprice Theatre. Do you know A: Use the map of bus rou tes and subway lines in London and help your partner to get to: Sun Myeong Castle 5. The Grand Hotel 6.

National Art Museum 8. The Public Library 9. The Train Station The Bus Station Three Rivers Park Using the map in exercise 2 lesson 16 and the picture make up conversations. Write two of them into your copy-books. In fact I talk to him yesterday about that bad mark I got on the last test. I fly over Loch Ness last week. Are you going to finish your work before you go to bed?

Speak about your visits to different places in Ukraine. I have been to Lviv two times twice. I have visited Lugansk region several times. I was in Cherkasy in I have never been in Donetsk. I am planning to go there next summer. A friend of yours is visiting you next week. Make up a telephone conversation with your friend using the following instructions. Then role-play your dialogue with your partner. Give your mobile number 2. Think of two places that you have visited in Ukraine or other countries and compare them as in the model.

Use the words from exercise 5 lesson Ternopil is not as noisy as Lviv. Kyiv is much prettier than Odesa. But it is also as noisy as Odesa. Make up conversations about places you visited and really liked. What is it like? Or perhaps I could go to Strood, To have a bath in the nude.

A railway trip up to Leeds, To eat jam butties, to fill my needs. Or further north to old Carlisle, That should take me quite a while. I could go to Cardiff, in South Wales, To do some shopping in the winter sales. Should I go to Stalybridge, To eat fresh kippers from out of the fridge.

I might even go to Bath, That should be good for a laugh. I could even go to Tunbridge Wells, Become a witch and cast some spells. If only there was some one I knew, Then I could take a train down to Crewe. Find it on the map and work out how far it is from where you live. Make a list of things you would like to find out about the place. Find some pictures to illustrate it. Show where it is on the map and show the pictures you have got.

My name is Brenda Walsh. Well, we caught the It was due to arrive in Cardiff at Then it was a long delay in York. Yes, I think there was a technical problem with that train. Well, that was your problem. Our problem was that when we got to our guest house the doors were locked for the night so we had to go and look for another place to stay. Could I just stop you there? I think the best thing will be to put all this in writing.

Where do I send it to?.. Cost Journey time Best travel times Special notes: Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Past Indefinite tense form. Yes, that is Miss Cornfield. Have you got a bandage? They are waiting for you in the lobby. Translate the sentences into English. I think a drought has set in. It did rain last month, but the rainfall was only half the monthly average.

Is the sun shining? W hat a strong wind is blowing. It was not snowing at 5 p. W as the sun shining when you came to the river? A strong wind was blowing when she left the house. When they went out it was not raining any more. Read the sentences and guess what the underlined words mean.

You can see a rainbow ['rembou] in the sky when rain and sun co me together. There was an awful rainstorm ['reinsto: It rained hard and a strong wind was blowing. A barometer [bs'romito] is an instrument that helps you to tell what the weather will be like.

There was a shower [Jaus] short rain in the evening. Weathermen ['wectaman] collect information about weather. Weather forecast [['wedo] ['fo: I see rainy clouds in the sky, so I am expecting rain.

Today is a calm [kAm] day, very good for playing badminton. I wonder what you are doing now? I think that autumn be here. What is the weather like in England? Is it cold and foggy or is it warm and sunny? Look at the pictures and match the numbers with the words and expressions. Nature can forecast the weather. Read the rhymes and learn two of them.

When the days begin to lengthen, Then the cloud begins to strengthen. If bees stay at home, rain will soon come. If they fly away, fine will be the day. Put the following words in the correct column. Wow, you look like a drowned cat! Read the text and say whether the statements after it are true or false. Weather forecasts We usually get wet when a rainstorm catches us without a coat and an umbrella.

Sometimes we put on a sweater and find that the weather has become hot. We do not always know what kind of weather to expect. It can even be dangerous when a sailor gets into trouble when the wind rises in the sea, or a farmer loses his harvest because of rain.

We can listen to weather forecast on TV or on radio every day. Sometimes the forecast is not quite right, because it is not easy to forecast the weather. From morning till night weathermen are collecting information from ships, planes, weather stations, space stations. In winter it In summer it usually means misty mornings and hot sunny days. When the barometer shows low pressure, we can expect the rain and strong winds.

Weather men collect information from universities, colleges and schools. If the barometer shows low pressure, the weather is rainy and windy. We never know what type of weather to expect and there is nothing that can help us. When the wreather is cold and frosty in winter, the barometer shows high pressure.

Are weather forecasts important for people? People of what occupations are interested in weather forecast? How often can people listen to weather forecasts on TV or radio? Where else can they get information about weather forecast?

What is the usual weather if the barometer shows high pressure in summer? Do you and the members of your family usually listen to weather forecast or watch it on television?

Have you ever got into trouble because of the wrong weather forecast? How did it happen? Put the adjectives in the correct order Use the dictionary if. Complete the table with the words from the box. Read the rhymes and learn them. Why do they call you the river Trent, Twisting and curling somehow bent. I know why they call you the Fleet, A man fell in and got wet feet.

The name they gave you was the Tyne, North English people say that you are just fine. You have really no need to hide, For ever-one knows that you are the Clyde. Swimming I am told in the river Severn, Is only allowed until half past eleven. There was no bridge over the river Dart, Just a ford for the horse and cart.

I just cannot carry all of this lumber, So I will ship it by boat down the Humber. Walking along by the river Wye, I felt hungry and ate some pie. There are myriads of stars in the night sky, The month of June is drawing night.

A new moon peeps timidly but bright, To help lighten this beautiful night. A shooting star drops elegantly into my view, I make a wish I just know it will come true. Insects making music in the nightly background, Have you ever heard such a melodious sound? A nightingale sings a song of the night, Much to my pleasure and great delight. There are myriads of stars in the night skies, Only sweet nature understands my surprise.

Read or listen to the weather forecast for the British Isles and complete the table with the information from the text. In the North West and North East of England there will be some early morning mists, and after that it will be mainly dry and sunny, but quite chilly, with temperatures around six or seven. It will stay dry all day, but there will be quite a wind, so put on some warm clothes. And now the South West and Wales. You can expect some rain in the morning and afternoon.

There might be some storms as well, with thunder and lightning. It will be warmer than yesterday, no winds, and sunshine nearly all day, with temperatures around ten or eleven, so quite warm for the time of the year.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland there will be heavy rain and maybe some snow during the afternoon, and on the hills temperatures will drop to below freezing, minus four or five. Over much of Scotland it will be cloudy, and windy, too, as the cold front moves in over the Atlantic.

Northern Ireland can expect the same, but the rain will end before evening comes. But again, very cold, with temperatures close to minus two or three.

Oh, the heat is unbearable! The heat has blown our air-conditioner on the roof! So, what are we going to do? You can use the electric fan here. At least you can catch a breeze. Then play the part of a weatherman and tell TV viewers what weather they will have tomorrow. Look at the map of Great Britain and match the numbers with the.

Climate A certain place has some weather during a long period of time. We say it is a climate. But recently climate has changed a lot. Winters have become warmer.

It works like this: But much heat can not go there, as during the last years people have produced [pra'dju: This gas in the atmosphere works like glass in a greenhouse. So the atmosphere becomes warmer. Where does the carbon dioxide come from?

We produce carbon dioxide when we burn things. So there is more and more carbon dioxide. As we can see climate changes in different parts of the world from year to year.

These changes can be dangerous for our planet. Is climate always the same in different parts of the world? What can you say about the climate in Ukraine? What do you know about the greenhouse effect? Why does the atmosphere become warmer? How can the greenhouse effect influence the climate on our planet in the future?

Read the tongue-twister as quickly as you can. Swan swam over the sea, Swim, swan, swim! Swan swam back again. Speak and then write about our nature. If you go out for a picnic you can do that on a bright clear day. It can be a little windy, but not stormy. It is usually warm then. I guess the pipes are frozen again. Yesterday the water even went off without a warning. Planting flowers in the garden. Camping out in a tent. Taking your little brother or sister out to the zoo. Read the text and answer the questions after it.

Pay attention to the underlined words. Animals in danger People have lived on our planet for many years. They are not alone. They live together with different plants and animals that are very important for human lives. Many of them are in danger. People have hunted these animals, killed them for meat, fur, bones. The result of that is the following: Many of them are old, sick animals. Modern life is bad for them. The air is not fresh, the water is not clean. You can find their names in the Red Book.

People must take care of them. We must save wild animals. We must take care of our nature and our planet. Why are some animals, birds and fish disappearing from our planet? Can elephants be useful? What can they do for the men? Are only African elephants and Indian tigers in danger today? Why can you find the names of these animals in the Red Book? What must people do to save the animals? Do not destroy the ground! Discover before it is too late, Time is running fast it will seal your fate.

So many treasures to show to you, Such as the early morning dew. Fresh green buds as spring awakes, Flowers peeping around deep blue lakes. Mountains show fresh new hues, Snow that melts brings streams anew. Forest glades filled with flowers, With here and there shady bowers, Wild animals with playful young, Gentle breezes with songs unsung.

Enjoy sweet nature seek lasting peace, Your natural knowledge will greatly increase. The world is large and I am small, I still marvel at natures call. Choose the best way to define the following words. Use the dictionary if necessary. Nobody can stand this kind of scorching heat. Tell me about it! You want my advice? Drink a lot of liquids and then you will save yourself from the worst of the heat! It There We You. Read the text and complete the table after it.

There are thousands of flowers on our planet. We admire their beauty. Some of them help people to stay healthy. Some people say that there is a special flower for each month of the year. It is as white as snow, and appears in forests and gardens when there is still snow there. This plant is a native flower of Europe. It can be white, yellow, red, pink, purple and orange. These flowers look like stars.

They grow wild in some countries in Europe, North America and China. It appears very early in spring too. The flowers are usually white or yellow. They have a sweet pleasant fragrant. You can see these flowers everywhere in the fields, gardens and even roadsides. The flower for May is the hawthorn ['ho: It grows on a small tree or a bush and it is usually of pink, white or red colours. Then the hawthorn has a fruit which looks like a little apple.

Its flowers are usually white and red. You can see them on the waters of a quiet lake. Water lilies may be yellow, pink, blue or even purple. They are bright red or yellow. They often grow wild in the mountains. This flower opens early in the morning but when the hot sun appears in the sky it closes. People use it to make beer. It is usually of purple color. It is one of the oldest flowers. It can be white, yellow, red, purple or pink.

It is the flower of the Christmas season. Do the weather quiz. Driving in the car: Have you got an umbrella? According to myth and legend, if you can find the end of a rainbow, what will you discover? Ask your Biology teacher for help or look through the regional Red Book.

Show pictures you have found. Read the words and word-combinations and try to guess their meanings. Look at the list of the chores and say which family members have to do each of them. I personally think that a wife has to But the children have to If you want dinner, get it yourself. What do you mean? Well, have I got a job? You are a teacher. But I have to do one more job, that of a housewife. The rest of the time I cook the meals, do the shopping, the washing and ironing.

When you go to the pub I stay at home to look after the children. From now on, I refuse to do all those things and be your servant. Who usually does the shopping, the ironing and washing in the Clarke family?

What do the children and Mr. Clarke do to help Mrs. Clarke in the house chores? Say what you did about the house the previous week and what. Last week on Monday I did the shopping. Write a story about how your family members did the house chores last week. Use the mind-map given below. Use the exercise 1 and read the text. Correct the false sentences. He is five years old. But Brenda is a schoolgirl. Yesterday she went to school at 7: She had already gone to school.

She lives in another city. So by the time Monika called she had already gone to work. Brenda came home from school at Her mother came home at 2: She cooked dinner and then watered the flowers. Her mother had cooked dinner by the time Brenda came home. So she had cooked dinner by Brenda had gone to bed by 11 p. We use the Past Perfect tense form to speak about a past action that took place before another past action happened.

Had you cooked dinner before your mother came back home? Tom had done the shopping before he cooked dinner. He also had done the ironing by the time he started to help his younger sister with her homework.

But before he did the ironing Tom had done the washing up. He also had watered the flowers and had done the washing before he did the shopping, but he had watered the flowers by the time he did the washing. I forgot to mention that the first thing Tom did - he made his bed. Tom also had cooked dinner before he vacuum-cleaned the floors.

Use the pictures in exercise 5 and say what Brenda had done before another chore yesterday. Brenda had cleaned the room before she cooked dinner. She had cleaned the room by Write down the sentences into your exercise book. Brenda had done the ironing before she did the washing up. Of course, I know. My mother is a teacher.

We celebrate this holiday every year. How did you celebrate it yesterday? We had cleaned the flat, done the shopping and baked a holiday cake before our mother came home from school. Had you gone to school before your parents left for work? What had you done by 10 a. What were you doing when your father came home from work?

What had you done by the time you started to watch TV yesterday? When did you wake up yesterday? Make the following sentences negative. By the time I came home my brother had already vacuumcleaned the carpets. Brenda had watered the flowers by 9 p.

Before our parents came home yesterday we had already done the washing up and ironing. My father had repaired the washing machine before our mother came home from work. Use the given pictures and make up a story. You must have two sentences in Past Continuous and three sentences in Past Perfect.

Has your father come back from Germany? He actually came back a month ago. Had he come back before your birthday? He was a little late. My birthday was on September And my father arrived September We had celebrated my birthday by the time my father arrived.

Did he bring you presents from Germany? Of course, he did. He brought me a computer. Read the rhyme and learn it by heart. Our washing machine went whisity whirr. One day at noon it went whisity click! Whisity, whisity, whisity, click! Click, grr; click, grr; click, grr, click! Pay attention to the words and expressions in bald type.

He has an angelic face. He has brown hair and big blue eyes and a very friendly smile. But his mother has something else to tell. At the age of eight he flooded half of the house. But suddenly his younger sister started crying. When his mother came back to the kitchen the water had already flooded the kitchen and was then flooding the hall.

It had ruined the carpet and the floor. The family had to repair their house. Does Steve look like the boy who can bring a lot of trouble? What did Steve do at the age of five? What did he put in the washing machine? Had he managed to turn on their washing machine by the time his mother saw the trouble?

Why did Steve fill the kitchen sink with water? Do you have any naughty younger brothers or sisters? Read the sentences and then match them with the pictures.

Then retell it as if everything happened yesterday. Speak as if you were Tom. Hello, Mum and Dad! Dinner is on the table. Brenda and I have cooked it. But look at the floor. Yes, but look in the kitchen. We have cleaned the floor there. But we have done the washing and the ironing, Brenda: And we have also watered the flowers, fed the cat and the dog and done the shopping. I am proud of you. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Perfect tense form. Explain its usage in these sentences.

All the shop already close. He not sleep very well the night before he came to see us. Somebody take it before I decided to buy that dress. He leave the party before we arrived. The ball hit the back of the net before the goalkeeper moved. Read the tongue twister as quickly as possible. I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop. Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits. Read the text and do the quiz after it.

History of Great Britain. England has been a united country since the 11th century. Before that several groups of people had invaded the British Isles. Between and B. The second invasion of the country happened in 43 A. At that time Britain became part of the Roman Empire. They came from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. They pushed the Celts into Scotland, Wales and Ireland. They also gave the country its modern name. The United Kingdom has been united country a for 11 centuries; b since ; c since the th century.

Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Perfect or the Past Simple tense form. The Celtic invasion of the British Isles. Julius Caesar and the Romans. Read the jokes and role-play them with your partner. Mum, when I was on the bus with Dad this morning, he told me to give up my seat for a lady. Well, you did the right thing Johnny. Do you want dinner? Sure, what are my choices? Which room has no doors and no windows? Do you have a good memory of faces? Read the poem and learn it by the heart.

Lonely things have happened, Nothing has gone wrong. Write them down into your exercise book. Read the proverbs and explain their meaning. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Custom is the second nature. Read the tongue twisters as quickly as you can. The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or the Past Continu ous tense form. I began to study at 4 p. Read the telephone conversation. The second time turn it into the past as if it took place yesterday.

Have you fed the cat? Have you bought enough food for the week? Have you helped your sister to ma ke your beds? I am not a baby. I am fourteen years old. Do you know that? Read the dialogues and role-play them with your partner. Elton Brians is a film star. Elton, please tell us are you happy? No, I am not. You are rich and famous; you live in a large house with a swimming-pool in the garden.

You have a fast and comfortable car. Wilson is a teacher. Wilson, are you happy? You have got a car. Yes, but my job is very difficult. My car is old and slow. Say whether you are happy. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Past Perfect tense form.

Say what the difference is between these two tense forms. You can have this newspaper. It was 10 p. Carol missed her lesson of English yesterday because of a traffic jam. Our family had no car at that time. Do you want to watch that program? Look at the pictures and say what chores must be done in each situation.

Make up sentences using the given words. Do the grammar quiz. I was not hungry. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form. It will be better for my friend to know it. What are you doing? Where are my socks, Mum? They must be in the place you put them yesterday. Oh, here they are, under the chair. And where are my trousers and shoes? Here are your trousers and shoes.

Look at the clock. I shall be late. I shall not forget, Mum. Look at the pictures and learn the words. There are some nouns in English that can be used only in the plural. But mind that they do not always have the same Ukrainian equivalents.

Sometimes Ukrainian words can be used in the singular. Jeans and trousers, Sweaters and shirts, Socks and tights, And jackets and skirts. T-shirts, shoes, High boots and mittens, These are the clothes of the kittens. In different parts of Britain you can see different styles of dress. In Scotland2, the men wear a skirt. It is called a kilt34 , they wear it with long socks and a sporran4.

The kilt is made of tartan5which has checked patterns. In England, businessmen usually wear dark suits and bowler hats6 and carry black umbrellas. In Ireland, for traditional Irish7 dancing, the costumes are decorated and dancers wear heavy shoes which are called clogs8. Oh, what a wonderful dress! Would you like to go with us? Of course, I would.

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