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What Makes our Free Blackjack Game Different?

Online Blackjack Guide for September 2018

Instead of trying to beat everyone else in the game, as in poker, there is only one player at the blackjack table that players must beat.

This is the player who is taking their turn as the dealer. There is an important reason why the duties of dealing must be shared in a blackjack game at home.

Remember, in blackjack the dealer always has an edge. To be fair, all players must be given the opportunity to deal in order to insure that they all have a fair chance to win. Therefore, the first decision one needs to make in organizing a home blackjack game is to determine how players will take turns being the dealer.

There are several ways to do this, but the following way is used most often. Begin by having all of the players select a card at random from the deck. The player with the highest card will take the first turn as dealer. At that point the first person who served as the dealer gets their second turn, and so on as long as the game is played.

The next thing to be decided is how long a player will deal before passing the cards to the next player. If you are using multiple decks in home blackjack game this is easily done.

Use a cutting card just as they do in the casino. The cutting card is used to cut the deck and is placed approximately one-fourth of the way from the bottom of the deck. When this cutting card is reached in the deck the cards are reshuffled and a new dealer takes over. What if you are using a single deck of cards?

In this case the deck must be shuffled after each hand, so a new dealer can be selected after each hand. It is far better, however, to determine in advance a specific number of hands to be dealt by one player. A player can deal 3, 5, or even 10 hands before the next player gets to deal. The reason this is a better solution is that it safeguards against the player who is dealing from being wiped out on the first hand they deal.

If the dealer busts on that first hand they deal and must pay everyone at the table, they have a better chance of recouping their losses if they continue to deal for a few more hands. So, decide in advance how you will choose the first dealer and how many hands each player will be allowed to deal before the next player has their turn.

Betting In Blackjack At Home. The game of blackjack, like baccarat and poker, is a card game uniquely designed for betting. You will need to determine how the players will bet when playing blackjack at home. To begin, you will need plastic poker chips.

These are a must if you want to play a game of blackjack 21 at home. There are many different kinds of chips available, from cheap plastic ones to elegant clay ones such as those found in the casino. There are even some places that will allow you to order personalized chips! Unless you plan on hosting a regular weekly game it is best to buy some generic plastic chips in three different colors. Decide in advance how much money each color represents. As the host of the blackjack game you must also be the banker.

Players will give you their cash in exchange for chips to use in the game. You have a responsibility to keep this money secure so that all players may cash out at the end of the game.

This is the only time that a player must be able to cover the bets of everyone else at the table. It is mandatory that you, as the host of the game, establish a minimum buy-in for all players. In other words, all players must purchase a minimum number of chips before sitting down to play.

This guarantees that everyone will be able to pay the other players if they lose when dealing. Your minimum buy-in for each player should be times the minimum bet in the game. Do not neglect this rule! If you allow a player with inadequate funds to play blackjack and they are unable to pay the winning bets when they are the dealer, you risk losing your card-playing buddies.

People have a tendency to get very serious when it comes to gambling their money. Security In Blackjack At Home. After the first two cards are dealt, if you think all you need is one more card you can double your bet if you think you have a strong hand. This is sometimes offered on split hands as well. That is a safe play.

Of course, aggressive players may take the chance if they are just at Again, that depends greatly on how aggressive you are in your blackjack strategy. Want to play more than just blackjack?

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